Various Hospitality Experiences Promised in Technē-Designed RACV Healesville Renovation


The renovation of RACV Healesville Country Club & Resort sets a new benchmark for diverse hotel and tourism experiences in the vibrant Victorian region.

Designed by Technē Architecture + Interior Design, the project included a major renovation of the members’ restaurant, a new publicly accessible open-air pavilion and a sports bar catering to club golfers as well as locals and day-trippers.

Seamlessly linking indoor and outdoor hospitality offerings, the project emphasizes the luxury of expansive open space unique to regional destinations such as Healesville. The open-air space on the ground floor welcomes individuals, families and large groups to indulge in long relaxed lunches or quiet dinners on a specially designed terrace.

With RACV Healesville Country Club & Resort catering to a diverse range of tourist and hospitality needs, from quiet weekends away to private functions, weddings or large corporate bookings, the renovation project includes a new ground floor restaurant equipped state-of-the-art equipment. art restoration facilities.

A new commercial kitchen on level 1 invites guests to enjoy pub-style meals in the Club or a drink in the Sports Bar where they will be treated to stunning views of the site’s bowling green and 18-hole golf course .

“This project offers a diverse mix of interior and exterior design features, which have combined to create a diverse hotel and tourism experience. Set in the region’s scenic natural landscape, Healesville Country Club & Resort anticipates people’s desire to leave busy downtown areas and spend their free time in a more relaxed environment where they can reconnect with nature,” says the manager. of Technē and project manager, Steve McKeag.

The sleek, location-centric design of Healesville Country Club & Resort is another example of Technē’s award-winning design approach to achieving upscale spaces underpinned by an authentic connection to nature. For example, windows and natural materials have been used extensively to reflect the beautiful natural landscape while the property’s in-house dining facilities and culinary emphasis celebrate the region’s award-winning local produce and wine industries.

“It was really important to ensure that the renovation truly reflects the geographical context of the resort, not only visually, but also in the way the design promotes new hospitality and tourism experiences. The addition of the restaurant is an example of this. This is a space where customers can have a unique experience of local Healesville produce, prepared by some of the area’s top chefs in a contemporary yet relaxed environment,” says McKeag.

Now officially open to guests, Healesville Country Club & Resort is the latest addition to Technē’s growing portfolio of acclaimed corporate and hospitality renovation projects across Victoria, with the Healesville project further illustrating the design studio’s expertise in combination of architectural and interior elements to create art and immersive. space experiences for guests.


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