Urban design nonprofit creates pop-up park in northeast Dallas


The urban design nonprofit Better Block Foundation is transforming a northeastern Dallas mall into a 3,500 square foot public park with green spaces, play areas and a walking path.

The pop-up park will be open from November 14 to November 14 and is located at the intersection of Forest Lane and Audelia Road. Its official opening is Saturday at 12:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

Better Block Foundation and Forest-Audelia community leaders partnered with Project Safe Neighborhood and the Dallas Parks Department to create the park with the goal of improving safety and function. The park will include a community garden, wireless internet and activities for up to 100 children.

“We worked with the community to see what resources and items they would like to see in the park, and their top choices were green spaces, resources and activities, and a children’s play area,” said Kristin Leiber, Project senior Better Block. director. “In conjunction with the City of Dallas Parks Department, we are excited to be working on a design that meets the needs of the city and the community. “

City Council member Adam McGough, who represents District 10, said the park marks an important step in making the community safer and more vibrant.

“I look forward to seeing community members take advantage of this temporary space and listen to feedback from neighbors to make sure that the upcoming new permanent space proves to be a long-standing community asset,” he said. he declares.

The calendar of events and the ability for community members to plan their own events are available at betterblock.org/forestaudelia.


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