Urban design meeting at GHD Woodhead


GHD Woodhead has announced the appointment of Anne Sutherland as Director of Urban Design in Sydney.

In a statement, the firm noted that Sutherland is an established leader in urban design and a licensed architect with extensive experience in the design of public spaces and enclosures. She has held senior positions at Transport for NSW, working on projects such as Wynyard and Central Station Precincts, Sydney Light Rail, Sydney Metro and the main roads of Western Parkland City. She also has experience designing large-scale residential and mixed-use policies and developments, having held senior urban design positions at Landcom, Lend Lease and in consulting.

“I am committed to delivering quality design results in all aspects of the built environment,” said Sutherland. “I always strive to integrate location, community and customer experience into the design of transportation infrastructure and other large-scale developments. The huge investment in these projects means that they must bring benefits beyond their borders into the larger urban context. “

Nicolas Beaulieu-Asselin, Practice Director at GHD Woodhead in Sydney, said: “Anne’s ability to understand the creation of places and the impact it can have on the customer experience at a strategic level strengthens our ability. design and delivery of complex integrated transport infrastructure. It’s also great to have her positive energy within our growing team.

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