Urban design and creative opportunities


The South Geelong Duplication Project at Waurn Ponds offers the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that celebrates the local community and its heritage.

The project will create architectural, landscape and creative design opportunities at South Geelong and Marshall stations, and at the Fyans Street and Surf Coast Highway level crossing removal sites.

We are committed to working with stakeholders and the community to ensure the project responds to and improves the local area.

The following key principles will guide the urban design outcomes for the project:

Celebrating place and local identity: Local character and identity will be enhanced by integrating the design of future railway stations and bridges with the surrounding urban and natural landscapes.

Improve access and travel: We will improve accessibility for all who use South Geelong and Marshall Stations, including commuters, pedestrians, cyclists and people with mobility aids by increasing accessibility and wayfinding around the station .

Support neighborhood safety: The design of the stations will incorporate passive surveillance and enhanced lighting to support community safety. The removal of level crossings will increase the safety of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists who use these intersections daily.

Promoting high quality design: We are committed to delivering high quality architectural and landscape designs that reflect local character and leave a legacy long after the project is complete.

Make Green Connections: Open green spaces, shared user path connections and landscaped public spaces will be created as part of the project to help support a more sustainable future and better connect communities.

Planning for the future: The new infrastructure will be carefully planned for the community and will leave a positive legacy. Stations are an important part of creating livable communities and the designs will take into account the future growth of South Geelong, Marshall and surrounding areas.

Creative opportunities

Across all of our projects, artists and creative practitioners are responsible for inspiring positive community outcomes that are built into the delivery of the projects.

Incorporating creative works into rail infrastructure projects has proven benefits.

They understand:

  • creating welcoming spaces and destinations for people and communities
  • improve people’s experience when moving around the region
  • harness the energy, creativity and innovation of the creative sector, including local artists
  • foster community and cultural identity and the creation of a positive civic legacy.

There will be several possibilities for creative outcomes throughout the project. These could include:

  • permanent public art
  • creative architectural treatments
  • interpretive design
  • temporary art installations on site palisades at key locations.

These opportunities will be guided by Regional Rail’s creative relaunch strategy which is committed to improving people’s experience of travel and place by working with artists and regional communities.


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