Top 100: Building Green Giants Episode 2 “Green Architecture” Launch


The second episode of the documentary series “Top 100: Building Green Giants” is now launched on In this all-new episode, the focus is on those who are at the forefront of designing the green superyachts of the future.

Watch the brand new episode “Green Architecture” here.

In conversations with leading designers, naval architects and global shipyards, we discuss the relationship between exterior design, architecture and sustainability.

Responsible for the beginning of the life cycle of superyachts, the defining moments of eco-design are born directly from the drawing board, launching future icons into the water. Blending science and aesthetics, while confronting the complexities that sustainability can bring, the role of designers is more elaborate than ever.

With eco-responsible alternatives and green hydrogen fuel becoming more widely understood, creating ships with the necessary adaptations is no easy task, but it is certainly a task undertaken head-on by those who shape ships. from the future.

In ‘Green Architecture’, we learn about the superyachts that are leading the way in eco-innovation and the choices an owner must make to create a truly sustainable vessel.

By hearing from leading figures in the industry, viewers can learn about the process behind how the size and shape of a ship’s hull and bow, as well as considerations of gross tonnage, speed and even the use of alternative structural materials, form the superyachts of the future. The combination of naval architecture and engineering with aesthetic and functional design has consistently produced groundbreaking superyachts we see on the water today, such as S/Y BLACK PEARL and M/Y WHITE RABBIT . This brand new episode also sheds light on the TOP 100 eco-concepts, their futuristic qualities and design background.

“When we see hydrogen fuel cells, for example, and different sources of propulsion, it can really change the way we might design a yacht,” discusses Simon Brealey, Principal Mechanical Engineer at Lateral Naval Architects, ‘ahe kinds of design freedom can be created from engineering.

Through an understanding of new and emerging eco-trends, it is becoming increasingly clear that the role of the superyacht sector and its innovative design progressions will prove to be influential beyond the industry.

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