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Jhe outdoor spaces around your home can bring beauty, fragrance and peace to everyday life. Jeff Glander wants you to love and use all the spaces around your home or business. He is a Professional Landscape Architect (PLA) and Director of SCJ Alliance, a 100% employee-owned company. SCJ specializes in engineering, construction management, environmental planning, and landscape architecture and design, among others. Jeff and his team can help you with plans to make dreams and desires for your outdoor spaces a reality.

Natural-looking water features are popular in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, water features can come in many varieties, influenced by the space available and the taste of the homeowner. Photo courtesy: SCJ Alliance

“There’s both art and science to planning the outdoor environment,” says Jeff, who was drawn to the combination. “I’ve always had a garden and I love art,” he adds. Landscape architecture allowed him the joy of both. It serves residential and commercial customers.

For the owner, the ideal time to speak with Jeff is as soon as you acquire your property. It’s easy to get caught up in the construction of the building and forget to take into account the lay of the land, which is a crucial element. The value of site planning cannot be overlooked. Which side will you face the front of the house? Where is the sun in the morning? How is the afternoon light? What is the topography? Do you want solar power? What kind of plants need what kind of light? A first meeting with Jeff allows him to get an idea of ​​your personal tastes. Together you can imagine your unique outdoor environment. “My favorite thing is working with my associates and helping our clients achieve their goals for their property,” says Jeff.

It helps to write down a list of all the amenities you want in your yard. This could include garden spaces, a play area for children, patios, terraces, walkways, walkways and water features. How to integrate all this into the landscape? Jeff helps with the big plan. It’s a puzzle that is different with every client and every property.

a life path with potted plants along created by SCJ Alliance
Living walls, also known as green walls and plant walls, are not only beautiful, but are used to create privacy, reduce noise, and make retaining walls. Photo courtesy: SCJ Alliance

If you’ve ever watched HGTV, the home improvement reality channel, and seen disastrous job sites turned into gorgeous outdoor kitchens or oases complete with pools, waterfalls, and mood lighting, then you’ve understood. You may not have the budget for everything, but it’s important to make plans that work for you. The SCJ teams of landscape architects and engineers are at your disposal.

“It’s a fun process,” says Jeff, who notes that some people build their plan and implement parts of it over time. Your drawings and images of the products you want, inspire the optimal results for all your outdoor spaces. Cost is usually a consideration. “In most cases, you can recoup the money by increasing the value,” Jeff assures, and you benefit from it while you live in the house.

Much of the work Jeff does is commercial projects. He has been involved in over 2,000 projects in Thurston County since 1980. Schools, parks, multi-family housing and seniors’ residences are part of his portfolio.

Fieldstone Memory Care courtyard with round stone walkway, benches and shrubs
Fieldstone Memory Care courses provide daily enjoyment for residents and guests. Photo credit: Doug Walker Photography

“Senior housing projects are fun,” says Jeff. “My stepfather lives in the independent living section of Fieldstone.” It includes a small putting green and raised beds for community gardening.

In the memory care section, there is a large secure courtyard between the two wings which is accessible to all residents at all times. Residents can step out in warm weather to sit while soaking up the landscape which includes a wide variety of flowering plants and shrubs. They admire the water feature and the vegetation changes continuously with the seasons and always offers something new. There is seasonal interest and even scents to engage more senses. Wheelchair users can be pushed down the paved paths and up close to the flowers. Many rooms face this park-like setting, which is an added bonus. A lot of thought and attention goes into planning shared spaces like this.

Trellis and walkway with shrubs surrounding it
Contact SCJ Alliance’s landscape architecture team to help you create outdoor spaces that bring joy, beauty and enjoyment to your life. Photo courtesy: SCJ Alliance

You noticed that spring is in the air. Probably, your garden attracts your attention. Warmer days and the change to daylight saving time make it more enticing to get out there with your rake and mower. “Now is a good time to start thinking about foam control,” suggests Jeff. Here are a few tips :

  • Thatch and Treat Your Garden for Moss Now
  • Prune fruit trees while they are still dormant
  • Clean all your beds
  • Cut ornamental grasses
  • Prune the roses
  • Cut dead shoots from perennials
  • Tidy up the garden and think about what you’ll plant when the weather warms up

You can get more information about the services provided by SCJ Alliance on the company website. Get help making your outdoor dreams come true. Jeff would love to hear from you.


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