The Log Cabin Hotel in Penrith rises from the ashes


After its destruction in a devastating fire in 2012, Penrith’s Log Cabin Hotel has been resurrected by Team 2 Architects, with its contemporary design paying homage to the hotel’s important past.

Nestled on the banks of the lovely Nepean River, the Log Cabin Hotel is a historic home with a living past. Founded in 1826, the hotel, which boasts spectacular waterfront views, is steeped in history and has been a community mainstay for nearly 200 years.

Inspired by the original Log Cabin hotel, the new iteration stays true to the building’s aesthetic and purpose. The nearby Victoria Bridge has been considered an architectural influence, with its heavy stone base, steel girders and trusses skilfully referenced in the hotel’s material palette, while the pre-existing, pitched and gabled roofs have been reproduced and designed to visually interact with the Yandhai Nepean Crossing, and work to unite the various elements of the site.


Internally, Team 2 Architects focused on sound insulation alongside fire safety, specifying products from CSR’s extensive fire rated product portfolio, including Gyprock’s 16mm Fyrchek and 25mm Shaftliner . Both products sport a fiberglass reinforced core to establish robust flame protection and are ideal choices for use as part of a fire rated wall or ceiling system.

Custom-cut CSR Martini dECO Quiet Boards in white adorn the dramatic cathedral ceilings in the upstairs dining room, while Martini Soffit has been applied in XHD50 Black at 75 millimeters, providing a high-performance way to insulate the ceilings exposed. “We’ve specified CSR Martini for many projects, it’s the ‘go-to’ solution because it still looks great and provides the sound insulation properties we need,” says Jonathan Parker, Principal Project Architect at Team 2.

Combined with Martini products, CSR Gyprock materials enhance the sense of structural integrity and acoustic balance. Gyprock’s 8mm Rigitone square holes sit unobtrusively in the ceiling treatment of the restaurant and first floor function space, representing the first use of the acoustically oriented square hole profile in Australia.

“The new 8mm square perforated Rigitone sheets were precisely sized and required very little joint filling, the access panels were seamless,” says John Williams of JLW Interiors, who installed CSR Gyprock and Martini products. This was the first use of this profile in Australia and the result is an elegant application that provides sound insulation as well as a stunning profile that complements the interior architecture.

Rigitone sheets

To complete the estate, Gyprock’s 9mm square edge wall panel has been specified for the dry line, creating a safe and thermally comfortable internal architecture.

The completed Log Cabin Hotel symbolizes the restoration of a beloved piece of Penrith’s built environment. As the resurrected hotel continues to age, its efficient and thoughtful construction will serve as a reminder of the building’s impressive heritage, as well as the importance of fire protection.


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