Standard Door Sizes – Average Door Height and Width in Australia


What is the standard door size in Australia?

The standard door size will depend on the type. The average size of an interior door in Australia is 820mm wide x 2040mm high. For interior doors, the standard door width can vary from 530 to 920 mm wide and the standard door height can be from 2040 to 2340 mm high. A double door will usually have the same height at a minimum, but twice the width. The standard patio door size is 1800mm wide x 2100mm high. Sliding doors often have many variations, but a standard size sliding door will measure between 2220 and 3570mm wide x 2100 and 2400mm high.

The type of door is very important in determining its standard dimensions. This is due to the nature of their installation, construction, materials and design. For example, sliding doors require a lot more space than hinged doors because they need somewhere to tuck themselves away when open to avoid door jambs (whereas most other doors don’t than pivot outward). However, the design of your home can influence the proper sizing of your doorway, as high ceilings mean you can increase the height of your doorway if desired.


What is the width of a door? What is the height of a door? Standard size in the world


Compared to standard door sizes overseas, Australian doors tend to be a bit larger. The standard interior door size in America is 762 x 2032 mm, which is slightly narrower and shorter than the average Australian door. For the standard HDB apartment in Singapore, typical interior door measurements are quite close to Australian standards although often a bit wider and shorter – the average Singaporean interior door is 838mm wide x 2130mm.

Standard door sizes in the UK are quite similar to those in the US and the most common width for an interior door is also 762mm (height 1981mm). Standard doors in India are generally a bit wider and taller, measuring 800mm in width and 2045mm in height. Typical South African doors are slightly narrower and shorter than the average Australian door, at 813mm wide and 2032mm high.


Overall, the standard door size in Australia is large. You might want to consider this if you’re considering a custom or atypical door – clearly shorter, narrower doors work well for many countries, so if you’re looking to save space or change things up a bit , maybe choose a non-standard door is the way to do it. However, it will always be cheaper to buy and install standard size doors than custom size bricks, so be aware of your budget while considering your options.

Standard door dimensions by type (in cm)

1. Sliding door


The standard size of a sliding door varies considerably from 210 cm to 240 cm in height and from 222 cm to 357 mm in width. Sliding doors are smart because they don’t occupy the room with swinging volume when opened. They are a great choice for smaller homes, or if you like the home to be bright and open, you may choose to install sliding glass doors like the ones pictured above to get more light inside your House. Sliding doors are relatively inexpensive and those pictured above are available from Ross’s Discount Visitor Center for $825 to $1,290 depending on the size you select.


Alternatively, you can also get sliding doors without glass such as this British style barn door, an easy DIY project available from Barn door exit for just $390.

2. Entrance door / Exterior doors


Entrance doors and exterior doors are often confused, but they are generally the same size. A house may have sliding back doors and a hinged front door, but the standard dimensions of an exterior sliding door are exactly the same as the standard dimensions of a sliding front door, and so are for all door types, making entrance doors and exterior doors functionally identical.

Standard dimensions for a front/exterior door (hinged) are 82cm wide x 204cm high. This can vary from 53 to 92 cm wide or 204 to 234 cm high and indeed the exterior/entrance doors have the option of being much larger than the interior doors of the house, but this is less common than you might think. (Standard door size in meters: 0.5-0.9m wide x 2.04-2.34m high)


The front door is an important feature of your home’s exterior aesthetics and therefore you want to choose the perfect entrance for your home. They come in many unique styles, colors and thicknesses, like the pivoting glass door pictured above (available here for $6,710) and the gorgeous iron hinged door pictured below (available here for $8,525).


3. Interior door


Interior doors are, of course, the doors that are inside the house. Bedroom doors very rarely vary from the standard interior door size of 82cm wide x 204cm high, although they can sometimes be between 53 and 92cm wide or between 204 and 234cm high. Interior doors are among the least expensive types of doors.

Although they are generally simpler than entry/exterior doors, you can still find unique interior doors that match your home’s aesthetic at affordable prices. You can buy the classic bedroom door pictured above from Bunnings here for $75 and the rustic stained barn door below Outdoor life More for $480. Interior doors can often be trickier than exterior doors because they don’t need to be weatherproof.


4. Double door


A double door in Australia is typically 203cm high and the width can vary considerably. It’s a safe bet that a double door will be twice the standard width (hence the name), but this will depend on the type of material used for the door, the space in the home in which the door has been installed, the type of hinge etc.


Double doors can be internal or external and are popular in master bedrooms or for large entry doors. They can be hinged or sliding, and like entry doors, they come in many different styles.


Double doors tend to be very expensive due to their extravagance. The double doors pictured above are built to customer specifications and available here for $17,1734.


These Mandala Double Barn Doors are handcrafted, also fully customizable and available here for $1,596.

5. French door


French doors are often considered a luxurious choice because they add an element of sophistication to a home. Standard two-panel patio doors are 210cm high and between 120 and 180cm wide. Multi-panel patio doors are typically 210cm high and between 210 and 300cm wide.


Just like double doors, they can be internal or external, although they are a common feature of main bedrooms and exterior rear doors. They can also come in many different materials and are most commonly made of glass or rustic wood. The Vintage Glass Barn French Doors pictured previously can be purchased here for $2,134.15, and these traditional folding French doors directly above and below are available from Doors More.



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