Selecting materials for handrails: guide for specifiers


Material Selection for Handrails and Balustrades: A Specifier’s Guide discuss all factors you need to consider when selecting materials for handrails and balustrades.

Moddex has had the opportunity to work in a variety of industry sectors, working with clients in different industry fields such as tri-water, education, multi-level commercial construction, road and rail, where they have designed unique solutions for different applications and environments.

Their new specifier’s guide covers the importance of evaluating site conditions and identifying materials that can withstand corrosive environments as well as the range of design considerations relevant to material selection for handrails and balustrades. , including intended use, fixings and connectors, structural properties, detailing and finishing, and aesthetics and finally they include a comparison of common handrail and balustrade materials with the benefits and the respective disadvantages – an important quality consideration.

Equipment adapted to site conditions:



Raw materials used to create handrails and balustrades should provide an appropriate level of durability based on the proposed location of the work. If wood is preferred, only specific species of durability class 1 or 2 are suitable for outdoor work. If metal is considered, the material should have a suitable finish and be supplied with an appropriate protection level class for the proposed location. Options include zinc coatings, stainless steel, aluminum or applied paint finishes.

Corrosive environments, such as buildings in coastal regions, environments where moisture is present, industrial areas, and high pollution areas, require special attention. Harsh atmospheric conditions, including extreme temperatures, constant rainfall and the presence of chlorine, also fall into this category. To protect your investment and ensure its long life, it is essential to choose materials that have been proven to resist corrosive elements, such as hot-dip galvanized steel, marine-grade aluminum or stainless steel. 316 grade.



Work with a trusted supplier:

Moddex is New Zealand and Australia’s leading manufacturer of innovative handrail and balustrade systems. Pre-engineered for structural integrity, their proprietary systems are load tested and configured to Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS), Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines (WHS/OSH), National Code Australian Building Code (NCC/BCA) and the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

To help your project stay compliant and up to standard, Moddex has developed a Specifier’s Guide to Material Selection for Handrails and Balustrades, which covers all the factors to consider when selecting materials for handrails and balustrades.

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