Professor of Urban Design and/or Urban Planning at Harvard University Graduate School of Design


The Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) is seeking to appoint a Senior Full Professor in the fields of Urban Design and/or Urban Planning. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in scholarship and/or practice in urban design and/or urban planning as it relates to the built environment. In addition, the successful candidate will be expected to play a significant leadership role within the Department of Urban Planning and Design and teach studio courses and other courses in the core curriculum of the Master of Urban Planning or the Master of Architecture/Architecture of urban landscape. Design.

To best address contemporary urban challenges in the United States and around the world, this position is part of a hiring cluster currently being undertaken by the Department of Town Planning and Development.

Applications will be reviewed immediately until the position is filled.

Information on the GSD and the Department of Town Planning and Development:

In the pursuit of more productive, equitable, sustainable, and attractive built and natural environments, Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) provides a dynamic setting for the exchange of ideas in the areas of urban planning, urban design , real estate, architecture, landscape architecture, design studies and design engineering.

Comprised of internationally experienced scholars and practitioners, the faculty of the Department of Urban Planning and Design explores the built environment from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and viewpoints. The department offers graduate degrees in urban planning, urban design, and real estate and offers an educationally diverse array of interdisciplinary studios and workshops, lectures, seminars, and independent studies that examine practical and theoretical issues affecting cities and metropolitan areas around the world. Approximately 250 students from around the world work together and with the faculty to create an intimate and engaged educational atmosphere in which students thrive and learn.

The Department’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is based on the firm belief that classroom and community experiences are enriched by creating space for multiple perspectives to be highlighted, understood and valued. Such conditions produce optimal learning environments and healthy interpersonal relationships. The Department is committed to translating these values ​​into its programmatic policies, practices, pedagogy, and methods of engagement in classrooms, with each other, and the world outside of GSD. We believe that if we insist on a diversity of voices among ourselves, our students will insist on a diversity of voices in the processes and outcomes of their professional work.

Further information:

The school seeks to attract and retain people with a quality of mind that demonstrates high levels of intelligence, clarity of expression, analytical ability, critical judgment, creativity and initiative. It also values ​​individuals who support the free inquiry and expression of others and constructive, collegial collaborations with faculty, staff, and students. In the school’s assessment of applicants, desirable individual qualities and high potential are not a substitute for a record of creative and productive achievement. Contributions made to the field through scholarship and/or design are essential to effective teaching over time. Continuous study and investigation with public exposure of research and professional accomplishments are normal obligations for Harvard faculty members.

The position of Full Professor is intended for individuals pursuing a full-time academic career who are highly effective teachers and whose creative work in scholarship, design research/work or professional practice, or a combination of these, is recognized by their peers as a preeminent and enduring intellectual contribution to their field. Individuals in this position will devote their time to teaching, carrying out creative work in scholarship or design research/work, and fulfilling their scholarly service responsibilities. Appointments are made with full-time tenure.

Please visit the Harvard Academic Positions website for more information and to apply:


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