“One of the things I liked about traveling was the architecture”


In a recent podcast interview with Sports Business Radio, former world No.1 Maria Sharapova spoke about one of her lesser-documented interests – architecture.

Sharapova revealed that it was one of the hobbies she chose while traveling the world during her tennis career. She also expressed her love specifically for her favorite architect, Frank Gehry.

Frank Gehry is one of the most prominent contemporary architects. Pop Culture Magazine Vanity Fair considers him “the most important architect of our time”. Gehry is best known for designing the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Speaking of architecture, Sharapova said:

“One of the things I liked about my travels was the architecture,” Sharapova said. “It started with my love for Frank Gehry, who is an amazing and incredible architect to this day and who designs some of the most avant-garde and interesting buildings and homes.”

The Russian recalled that whenever she visited a new city, her goal was to click on the image of a building designed by Frank Gehry. Sharapova’s mother also shared a similar interest in architecture and this presented a valuable opportunity for the two to bond.

“My goal as a young girl was to find a building designed by Frank Gehry,” Sharapova said. “Because they were so distinct and so obvious in their appearance, every time I went to Prague or Australia my mission was to find one and photograph it for my mother.”

Maria Sharapova put her love for architecture to good use when designing her own home

Maria Sharapova was intimately involved in the design of her own house, which took three years to complete
Maria Sharapova was intimately involved in the design of her own house, which took three years to complete

Maria Sharapova made sure that her love for architecture was translated into the designs of her own home in Los Angeles. The house lasted three years. Sharapova has made sure it is as “informal” as possible, with comfort being the top priority.

Sharapova introduced the Japanese-inspired house to Architectural Digest, a monthly magazine focused on interior design.

In the video, she mentioned her love for reading books on architecture and design. She revealed how she made a point of arranging them in the room for her to enjoy during the day.

Maria Sharapova also took pride in the design of the house’s open floor plan. She wanted to have a home centered on the people who visited her. It was therefore important that the house looked like a large space in which everyone felt a part.

“It’s a big part of this house, the way everyone is together no matter what you do. You always feel like you’re part of a big space,” Sharapova said.

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