OCTOBER 2021 | Landscape Architecture Magazine


8 Inside

10 land issues

12 letters


16 Now
Proposals for living shorelines in Hawaii have traditional roots; the Landscape Justice Institute is launched; Residents of Kansas City are fighting for their ad hoc open spaces; trees for arid lands, once felled; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

36 Goods
take a seat
Street furniture for living and working in public.
By Emily Davidson


42 ASLA Student Awards 2021
This year’s student projects demonstrated a global perspective and bold confidence in landscape architecture’s tools for social change and ecological value.
By Jared Brey, Lydia Lee, Zach Mortice, Anjulie Rao, Timothy A. Schuler and Lisa Schultz

44 Communications

52 Student Cooperation

58 Community Service

66 Research

74 Analysis and planning

88 Urban design

98 Residential Design

100 General design

114 ASLA Professional Awards 2021
This year’s professional winners embraced both grand landscapes and modest sites, with a responsive approach to local material palettes and a strong focus on repair and reuse.
By Jared Brey; Aaron King, ASLA; Zach Mortice; Anjulia Rao; Jennifer Reut; and Timothy A. Schuler

116 Communications

128 Research

136 Analysis and planning

150 Urban Design

162 Residential Design

176 General design

194 The 2021 ASLA Historic Award

218 Index of advertisers

220 advertisers per product category

240 awards
ASLA announces the recipients of its 2021 medals and other awards.
By Jennifer Reut


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