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On the cover: Students perch on a lookout over the Tennessee River.

“When the Stars Align” by Jared Brey. Thanks to years of work by students and professors of University of Tennessee, Knoxville School of Landscape Architecture, the 652-mile trail known as the Tennessee River Line went from a bubbly idea to a full-fledged proposal. It is poised to be part of the next era of people-centric infrastructure in the region.

Also in issue:
Russell + Mills Studios designs a riverside for the New Belgium Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina. | Landscape architect by Martin Smith vision to revitalize the Arkansas Delta has grown from a passion project to a force for change. | fallen sky lands at Storm King Center for the Arts. | The history of Knoxville Loghaven becomes a paradise for artists. | Seferian Design Group finds a material balance along Lake Ontario. | Carbon counting for municipal services in Reno, Nevada. | The High Line Channel is a vision for a 71-mile irrigation canal that runs along the eastern edge of Denver. | Goods presents new exhibitors at ASLA EXPO in Nashville. | Three creators of Studio SCAPE reflect on Hurricane Ida. | A review of Site Matters: Strategies for Uncertainty through Planning and Design, edited by Andrea Kahn and Carol J. Burns. | Searching for a way to translate the risk of wildfires in Lake Tahoe, a landscape designer lets the trees do the talking.

Online this month from the November issue:

—“Better benefits for eels” by Timothy A. Schuler November 2. On a living shoreline in Ontario, Canada, Seferian Design Group designs to fight erosion and provide habitat for endangered species.

—“Home Brewed” by Brian Barth the 11th of November. A connection with the New Belgium Brewing Company enabled Russell + Mills Studios to design the landscape for a brewery in Asheville, North Carolina.

— “When Stars Align” by Jared Brey on November 18. A student project to connect people and public lands along a 652-mile river trail is gaining momentum. English and Spanish.

—“High profile” by Haniya Rae November 30. The transformation of an irrigation canal east of Denver shows the diversity of the region.

The complete November table of contents is available here.

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Credits: Cover, photo by Tennessee River Studio; “The Bridge Builder”, Timothy Hursley; “When the Stars Align”, Tennessee River Studio; “Home Brewed”, Mark Herboth Photography, LLC; “High profile”, Evan Anderman.


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