Neolith wins again the prestigious ArchRecord award for architecture


CASTELLÓN, Spain, January 5, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Neolith is in celebration mode again after receiving the ArchRecord award from the American magazine Architectural Record. This prestigious award is voted on by a select jury of professionals. The American monthly magazine dedicated to architecture and interior design awards this prize each year, which rewards innovation, utility and aesthetics.

The award was received in recognition of the brand new Metropolitan model from the ESSENTIALS series, which is made up of up to 90% recycled materials. It is a formula created by Neolith to make it the most durable of all existing materials in the same category of sintered stone. In addition, it is made in a carbon neutral environment with improvement the whole body design. Also known for its distressed metallic decor and soft contrasts, this model full of character is inspired by the hustle and bustle of the most exciting cities.

The receipt of this award follows the announcement of Neolith’s expansion into North America where it has several regional headquarters and distribution centers in places like New York and Florida, including Miami.

“2021 has been an excellent year for Neolith around the world”, said José Luis Ramón, CEO of the Neolith group. “There is no better way to end the year than to receive this kind of recognition from the professionals who create unique spaces using Neolith.

After receiving the ArchRecord award in 2016, 2017 and 2018, Neolith received it again in 2021 with a model featuring up to 90% recycled material. Always at the forefront of sustainable development, Neolith was the first company in the sector to become carbon neutral in 2019.

This year’s ArchRecord award in the Register products The competition, along with the previous three, joins the long list of accolades and recognitions the company has received over the past decade, thus positioning Neolith as the preferred brand in the sintered stone industry.

As the curtain falls on a successful and eventful year, Neolith now looks to 2022 with great ambition for the launch of all new models, significant collaboration possibilities and its formidable team of professionals who have made Neolith the world’s leading brand in the sintered stone industry.

About Néolith

Founded in 2009, Neolith is the world’s leading brand of sintered stone. It is a revolutionary and innovative architectural surface with superior technical characteristics composed of 100% natural raw materials.

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