Miami architect completes 200,000 square foot commercial architecture project


Tewes Design Group Miami Architects, an architectural firm based in Miami, Florida, recently completed a 200,000 square foot commercial architecture project to customer satisfaction. It was the last of many successful projects carried out by the company. They offer interior design, interior design, commercial architecture, building plan approval, healthcare architecture, restaurant architecture, building architecture services. offices, new warehouse construction, etc.

Steve Tewes, Founder of Tewes Design Group Miami Architects, says, “We are proud to complete another successful project, this time for the design of a 200,000 square foot commercial building. At Tewes Design Group Miami Architects, we specialize in commercial projects and have worked with some of the most well-known companies in the United States. Some of our loyal customers include DEA, Royal Caribbean, Starbucks, etc. Check out our architecture reviews from past clients. We work with most commercial spaces in Miami and are always looking to help businesses relocate to the area.

Architecture in Miami is all about simplicity and modernism. Whatever the building, whether simple or complex, it must be suitable for the tropics while being efficient and rational. This applies to residential and commercial buildings in Miami. Miami’s contemporary architecture is primarily based on the classic 1920s style. Many Modernist buildings in the city are based on the neoclassical style, but there are some hints of the contemporary style. The architecture of buildings in Miami is also designed to be suitable for living and outdoor activities due to its warm climate.

Tewes Design Group Miami Architects offers various architectural services, such as schematic design, tenders, site assessment and construction plans. In the schematic design phase of a project, architects come up with preliminary or near-final drawings that can provide enough information to contractors to enable them to submit accurate bids. During this step, architects and clients work together to create a sketch of the project that will serve as a guide for the construction process. While the schematic design phase usually requires a lot of trial and error, it will all be worth it as the design is refined during the design development phase. The ultimate goal of the schematic design phase is to define the scope of the project and establish the relationships between the different parts. To learn more about the company, see

Bidding for a contract is a vital process as it allows buyers to compare different offers from competing suppliers. It avoids preferential treatment and motivates entrepreneurs to do their best. It is through a competitive bidding process that the client can eliminate the unskilled and identify the most qualified contractors.

During an architectural site assessment, the architect assesses the physical, social and psychological aspects of a particular site in order to develop an appropriate design. This can have an impact on the type of materials used, the building materials and the construction processes to be used. It can also affect the design process and the way in which project funding is secured.

And finally, the company develops the building plans, including the floor plans, which show how the various rooms and interior spaces will be arranged, including the sizes of the doors and windows, and the interior square footage. These are the plans for the project and give contractors an idea of ​​how the completed building should look like.

Founded in 2000, Tewes Design Group is a full-service architecture and interior design firm with a mission to provide cost-effective, functional, creative design, excellent service, error-free constructions with prompt response. The company has developed good relationships with the various building departments in the majority of Florida cities and their designs have gone through the permitting process with only a few comments, if any, so building permits can be obtained quickly. Steve Tewes, owner of the Tewes Design Group, graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in design and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Miami. The company has provided services to popular organizations, such as: Royal Caribbean, MAC Cosmetics, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Tropical Financial Credit Union, and Starbucks. They specialize in commercial interior projects of any size.

Those interested in learning more about the services provided by Tewes Design Group Miami Architects can visit their website at, or contact them by phone or by e-mail. They are reachable 24 hours a day, any day of the week.


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