Mayor’s Urban Design Awards showcase Calgary as a modern and inclusive city


Calgary has long been and continues to be a destination for people who want to lead a good life. Historically, our city’s economy and employment opportunities have been the main, if not the only, pillar of this success. However, Calgary’s recognition as a modern and inclusive city is equally essential to providing a quality of life that people continue to seek.

Last night at Contemporary Calgary, we recognized the professionals who help shape and make our city one of the best places to live in the world at the ninth annual Mayor’s Urban Design Awards.

“Thank you to all MUDA participants for striving to make Calgary a more beautiful, accessible and welcoming city through design,” said Mayor Jyoti Gondek. “The success you have achieved here, in this wonderful, diverse city we call home, comes from your bright minds and your compassionate hearts. Thank you for keeping the eyes of the world on Calgary.

Creating high quality, inclusive and accessible public spaces was a consistent theme reflected in the winners and honorable mentions. It is a priority for the urban planners, architects, landscapers, engineers, planners and artists who shape our city. It is also important to recognize these efforts to make Calgary a welcoming place to live and visit.

“MUDA helps focus on enhancing the public realm,” said Bryce Miranda, Partner, DIALOG (Winner Urban Design Plans, Balmoral Circus). “Our project, Balmoral Circus, aimed to make the best possible public space for all Calgarians.

Urban development plans_Cirque Balmoral_WIN1

“MUDA is generating renewed interest in the public domain,” said Jennifer Nagai, Partner, PFS Studio (Confluence Award Winner, Century Gardens Redevelopment). “The redevelopment of Century Gardens recontextualized a historic cultural landscape into a contemporary place. We continue to look for ways to show how parks can contribute to the livability and social vibrancy of our city.


“MUDA defines a measure that we all aspire to,” said Marc Boutin, Director, Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative Inc. (Honourable Mention, Residential Innovation, Varsity Fire Station). to those who may not be represented.

University fire station

A record 87 nominees competed in the 11 MUDA award categories, which highlight holistic efforts to develop a whole city; contribute to vibrant, healthy and accessible communities; ensuring our spaces are appropriate and accessible year-round; to focus on buildings and spaces that contribute to net zero emissions.

“This is an incredible time to make a living in Calgary and this event demonstrates a real change that is happening in our city right now,” said Stuart Dalgleish, General Manager of Planning and Development Services for the City of Calgary during the award ceremony. “Together, we are creating better spaces and places that are more accessible, equitable and environmentally sustainable. Your efforts contribute to a beautiful city where people want to live and have a good life.

Calgary is expected to continue to produce high quality, internationally recognized designs, buildings and spaces. The Bow Tower, Peace Bridge, Central Library, YW Calgary Hub facility, Dale Hodges Park and the work of CMLC are just a few examples of providing citizens and visitors with diverse and inclusive places to live. , work and play.

“How we build our city is important,” said general manager Dalgleish. “It’s critical to Calgary’s future success, especially now, as our city competes with other local and global cities for investment and talent.

Calgary’s past success gives us tremendous momentum to continue planning and designing a welcoming place to call home, whether for the people who live here now or for those who will live here in the future. the future.

To the professionals who attended this year’s MUDA and those who continue to make Calgary a special place, thank you for your passion, dedication and creativity. It is an honor to celebrate you and the work you do.

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