Master in Resilient Urban Design

The MRUD is a 36-credit post-professional degree aimed at graduates and professionals with prior design skills in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning. Those who are not design professionals are strongly encouraged to apply.

The degree emphasizes the city’s four-part resilience framework, which includes health and well-being; infrastructure and environment; economy and society; and leadership and strategy, as these influence urban design decision-making. Through its curriculum, the MRUD degree addresses how to support change in rapidly growing metropolitan areas. It is a problem-based teamwork model in which students tackle questions based on a foundation of conceptual thinking and enriched with methodologies from multiple disciplines.

Each of the three required semesters includes a 6-credit Urban Design Studio, a 3-credit Urban Design Seminar, and a 3-credit internship course. The combination of design exercises, theory, field studies and engagement with practitioners and communities maintains a fluid dialogue between theoretical knowledge, practice and implementation.

All studios are applied projects tackling real issues in the Lowcountry; and, all studios address equity and climate change alongside the design of built form and public space. Visualization and communication content includes instruction on GIS, Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Rhino, making short films, augmented reality, policy map, infographics, and more. These skills of professional representation are put to use in order to communicate with ordinary people.

During their last term, students have the opportunity to write a white paper or do an internship that helps them situate their interests in relation to the field. This, in combination with a portfolio, is intended to ease students’ transition into employment.

To fall
RUD 8600 Urban Design Studio 1
RUD 8610 Urban Design Seminar 1
RUD 8620 Visualization and communication 1
RUD 8900* Urban foundations
*This course is only required for those without a design degree.

RUD 8630 Urban Design Studio 2
RUD 8640 Urban Design Seminar 2
RUD 8650 Visualization and Communications 2

RUD 8660 Urban Design Studio 3
RUD 8670 Urban Design Seminar 3
Implementation of urban design RUD 8680

Double degrees and certificates
Students can concurrently receive MRUD/M.Arch or MRUD/MLA degrees. Students can apply for both programs simultaneously (by completing both applications) or apply for one and then, after registration, apply for the other (during this first year of study).

Approval of a 15-credit MRUD certificate (for students in the M.Arch or MLA programs) goes through administrative processes; we hope to offer it in the fall of 2022.


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