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HMWhite topping Rockefeller Center with greenery; a GGN master plan brings together three schools; Waxahachie, Texas, jumps on the stormwater park bandwagon; pipelines confuse future restoration along the Louisiana coast; a memory of Darwina L. Neal, 1942-2021; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

50 Research
Small town, heavy load
City dwellers are fleeing to rural areas for fresh air and open spaces, but a study of three Iowa towns finds these benefits are not enjoyed equally. Small-scale interventions are one way landscapers can help.
By Anjulie Rao

56 Goods
house style
Settle in with outdoor furniture for designed digs.
By Emily Davidson


64 Not built to last
Plans to redevelop an Oakland, Calif., waterfront hit a snag when no one could agree on what to do with a huge, historic marine terminal. Instead of scrapping the plan, Einwiller Kuehl took it to the next level, deconstructing the historical fabric and adding just enough finesse to keep things alive on deck.
By Lydia Lee

86 Core Four
When Dallas missed a big business move because it lacked downtown parks, Robert Decherd took it personally. Over the next 20 years, his foundation, Parks for Downtown Dallas, transformed the city’s urban core, funding a master plan and four large-scale city parks, but some wonder if this comes at the expense of neighborhood parks. from the city.
By Timothy A. Schuler

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106 alternate realities
As wearable devices and other technologies increasingly mediate our senses, Shaped keys studies how our experience of public space can be transformed into nature.
By Sean Laly

118 Books
stop calling me resilient
A review of Form and Flow: The Spatial Politics of Urban Resilience and Climate Justice by Kian Goh.
By Merve Bedir

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A closer look at research into the potential of mycelium in stormwater management, by Courtney Goode, ASLA.


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