Lecturer in Urban Design (teaching and research) job with UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER


This appointment is for a permanent lecturer to deliver and develop our teaching and research in the field of urban planning within the Department of Environmental Planning and Management of the School of Environment, education and development. We welcome applications from individuals committed to high-quality teaching and research in urban design. The appointee is expected to teach at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in particular contributing to existing course units in our Masters in Urban Design and International Planning program, as well as supervising undergraduate dissertations and dissertations from masters in relevant design. The appointee would also play an active role in the Manchester Urban Design LAB [MUD-Lab], contributing to the wide range of activities and products related to urban design. He/she will also be expected to undertake a range of administrative and pastoral duties. Suitable candidates should have a strong background in teaching urban design in a studio environment; We particularly welcome interest from those with professional practice experience in urban design or related engineering design disciplines.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate their ability to supply design studios; teach, supervise and critique [crits] applied urban design projects through analysis, frameworks and design development; use and teach technical design skills/software including technical drawing, hand sketching, creating 3D physical models, Adobe Creative Suite [in particular illustrator and InDesign], AutoCAD and SketchUp; and work effectively within an established team of teachers to design and deliver content and projects. All applicants must include an urban design portfolio in their application. This portfolio should demonstrate your understanding of the process of practicing urban design. It may include your own design work and/or the work of a student you have directly supervised [please be clear when using work that is not your own]. The portfolio should provide clear evidence of your technical skills [including applied urban design techniques, core design software, technical drawing, and hand/urban-sketching], urban design analysis, development and design proposals, visualization and presentation skills, and your commitment to context-appropriate design interventions at multiple scales in the built environment. It must be presented in A3 landscape format and have a maximum of 12 pages – It must not exceed a file size limit of 20 MB.


Main responsibilities

• Engage in high-quality, world-class research in the broad field of urban design, publishable in top international journals, and engage in high-quality research grant applications.

• To provide research-based teaching in the field of urban design, including the review and development of curricula and curricula, to ensure that our teaching continues to be innovative and of high quality.

• Teach in a variety of settings, including design studio, on-site workshops, design critiques, lectures, tutorials, seminars, field trips, and virtual learning environments (VLEs) such as Blackboard.

• Work collegially within the Urban Design teaching team and contribute to the established Urban Design studio environment – ​​as well as actively engage in the ongoing work and research of the Manchester Urban Design LAB.

• Develop student skills in a range of practical applied urban design approaches, design techniques and software, 3D modelling, critical design process, portfolio development and visual presentation.

• Teach students comprehensive applied urban design projects at various scales, regularly providing design feedback in the form of oral, written and illustrative expressions [e.g. sketching] reviews.

• Define, grade and evaluate assignments and exams, especially urban design project assignments, and provide constructive feedback to students.

• Develop and maintain online learning resources, for example through the use of virtual learning environments such as Blackboard.

• Supervise undergraduate dissertations and master’s design dissertations or similar research projects.

Undertake administrative or academic service, pastoral and other duties appropriate to the office of lecturer, as may be assigned.

• Supervise doctoral students, including efforts to attract funding and applications for postdoctoral research.

• Undertake knowledge exchange work with the worlds of policy and practice, extending our research and scholarship to the wider communities we serve.

• Liaise with relevant professionals and professional bodies (eg UDG, AoU, Place Alliance, RTPI, RIBA, LI, etc.) to ensure our teaching and research is up-to-date and relevant.


It is essential to justify:

• A PhD (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline and/or equivalent professional experience in urban design or a related design discipline.

• Experience teaching in the UK and/or overseas relevant applied urban design approaches in the studio.

• The ability to produce rigorous, original and world-class research in the broad field of urban design, publishable in high quality international journals.

• A strong urban design portfolio (included with your application) illustrating examples of your own design work and/or the work of students you have supervised. This should demonstrate your understanding of the urban design process in practice, as well as your technical ability and commitment to providing and supervising others to deliver high quality contextual urban design.

• The ability to teach analysis of urban design at multiple scales and to help students provide context-appropriate urban design proposals at different scales.

• The ability to teach in an applied and technical design studio, including experience delivering design critiques and teaching in a variety of other settings, including design surgeries, conferences, tutorials, seminars, workshops, field trips, and virtual learning environments (VLEs) like Blackboard.

• Demonstrable skills in applying and helping students develop basic urban design techniques and software, including Adobe illustrator, InDesign, AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, technical drawing and hand sketching.

• Demonstrable skills in urban design techniques and visualizations [e.g. 2D/3D graphics, cross-sections, technical proposals, urban sketching, design narrative, presenting at A1]

• The ability to work within an established team of urban design teachers in the delivery of existing modules and projects and to contribute to the design and development of new modules and teaching programs in our broad subject area.

A commitment to enhancing the student learning experience, including the development of innovative approaches to teaching, supervision or assessment and the ability to use a range of delivery techniques to excite and engage students .

• An independent and self-directed working style and strong administrative skills.

• A commitment to collegiality and teamwork. It is highly desirable to justify:

• Membership or eligibility for membership of a relevant professional body such as Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Landscape Institute (LI), Design Group Recognized Practitioner status urban (UDG).

• Experience in professional practice in urban design and/or related design disciplines (eg architecture, landscape architecture, planning).

• Successful supervision of design dissertations and/or large student-led urban design projects

• Experience/knowledge of emerging urban design theory, practice and software.

• A willingness to teach in other areas of the school, faculty and university, if necessary.

• The ability to work within multidisciplinary academic teams.


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