Landscape architecture student receives SEN scholarship for research in urban planning


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania – Alyssa Humarang, a fourth-year landscape architecture student at the Stuckeman School, has received a Student Engagement Network (SEN) scholarship to advance her research on the urban planning of European streetscapes, highlighting emphasis on pedestrian urban planning and land use planning this summer.

SEN scholarships are awarded to students pursuing personal development in areas such as social justice activism and awareness, civic responsibility, ethical leadership, systems thinking, and professional development. The goal is to facilitate student engagement in personal growth through projects, activities, and real-world experiences.

The grant will support Humarang’s trip to Denmark and the Netherlands where she will interview designers, analyze street traffic, discover historic sites through architectural tours, and compile her findings into a documentary mini-series.

While studying abroad in Barcelona, ​​Spainthis summer, Humarang will study the city’s initiatives in pedestrian urban planning and neighborhood green network connectivity.

She also plans to study the woonerf, a Dutch concept of a “living street” that makes room for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. The street is seen as a social place in the city rather than a space for vehicles to get from point A to point B.

The aim of Humrang’s documentary mini-series, which will consist of three to five minute videos focusing on each of the three countries she will visit this summer, is to compare European streetscapes in each country and offer suggestions for improving streetscapes and public design regulations in the United States.

Humarang hopes to use visuals to show the differences between urban planning in European countries and that of the United States.

“I’ve seen how public spaces in Europe are more suited to people’s quality of life, it’s more intimate and people-centered,” said Humarang, who studied abroad in Bonn, Germany in the fall semester of 2021. “It put a spark in my heart that really made me want to study this more.”


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