Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (May 1-15, 2022) – THE DIRT

Lane closures / Chris Yarzab, CC BY-ND 2.0.

MUSK SEE: Three reasons why congestion decreases when cities “remove” traffic lanes — 05/13/2022, United States Streetsblog
“A wildly inaccurate commentary from Elon Musk on the traffic impacts of cutting lanes for drivers sparks a conversation about the little-known phenomenon of ‘reduced demand’ – and how advocates can better debunk the myths Powerful, yet often misinformed, currents on congestion, people keep promulgating.

Lawns are terrible for the environment. California water restrictions could finally kill them — 05/12/2022, fast business
“Landscapers are considering how drought conditions could change the look of Southern California — and possibly the rest of the West.”

Ukraine’s “river of heroes” helped save kyiv. But what about its recently restored wetlands? — 05/11/2022, The Guardian
“kyiv repelled Russian forces by opening a Soviet-era dam on the Irpin River. Today, conservationists hope that Ukraine’s newest wetlands can survive, if not thrive, after the war.

Outdoor Safety Features Trending in Latest Houzz Survey — 05/10/22, Forbes
“It’s no secret that outdoor living has become a huge trend. “It’s exploded over the past five years with homeowners wanting to have complex-type backyards,” says Ron DuHamel, Reno-based landscape architect and franchisor, president of FireSky.

How a Los Angeles landscape architecture firm is reclaiming a hill for native plants — 05/10/2022, Remain
“Terremoto is spearheading a grassroots experimental project to transform a neglected plot of public land with native species.”

Department of Justice Unveils New Environmental Justice Measures (2) — 05/05/2022, Bloomberg Law
“The Department of Justice announced a trio of major environmental justice actions on Thursday, including the launch of a new office and the resurrection of a popular enforcement tool that was abandoned during the Trump administration.”

A smarter urban design concept for a city decimated by wildfires — 05/03/2022, fast business
“SWA Group, winner of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards, is helping Paradise, California imagine a safer, more sustainable future with design that protects the city with parks, sports fields and orchards – areas less likely to burn than forests.”

Removal of benches, blocking of cycle lanes: why are the police interfering in British public spaces? — 05/02/2022, The Guardian
“The Secured by Design initiative is harming UK cities, depriving them of greenery and public amenities while fostering fear.”

New park brings residents of Los Angeles’ Chinatown together — 05/01/2022, Parks and Recreational Activities
“Designed by landscape architecture and planning firm, AHBE/MIG, Ord and Yale Street Park represents the transformation of a once vacant one-acre hilltop into a new pocket-size neighborhood park for the community.”


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