Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (July 1-15, 2022) – THE DIRT

Elks/Mayer/Reed Children’s Eye Clinic

Elks Children’s Eye Clinic creates landscaping for all – 07/12/2022, Healthcare Design Magazine
“As the landscape architect of a sensory garden at the Elks Children’s Eye Clinic in Portland, Oregon, Mayer/Reed (Portland) considered ways to create a welcoming environment for children whose sight may be limited.”

Study: Rising seas weaken nature’s storm shields – 07/11/2022, Grist
“Barrier islands protect the continent from hurricanes, waves, erosion and flooding, taking the first hits of a storm. Without them, experts say hurricane damage to inland cities would be even worse.

Humans must value nature as well as profits to survive, says UN report – 07/11/2022, The Guardian
“The focus on the market has led to climate crises, with the spiritual, cultural and emotional benefits of nature being ignored.”

Cities aren’t made for kids, but they could be – 07/07/2022, Atlantic
“With a little thought, ordinary city infrastructure can be redesigned for play.”

Presidio Tunnel Tops opens this weekend. Here are 15 ways to explore SF’s huge new park – 07/11/2022, San Francisco Chronicle
“Tunnel Tops Park creates an attraction few imagined years ago, and in a way that encourages us to witness the massive transformation of the Presidio from an army outpost into the most unusual national park of America.”

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg Creates ‘Interspecific Artwork’ at Serpentine Galleries – 07/07/2022, Dezeen
“Artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg has created a digital AI tool called Pollinator Pathmaker to design the best possible gardens for bees and other insects.”

The Business Case for Multimodal Transportation Planning – 07/06/2022, Planetizer
“Travel demands change, and so does planning. Communities have good reason to spend less on car facilities and more on walking, cycling and public transit.

OSD Banks on “Landscape for Healing and Community” Design at Alice L. Walton School of Medicine in Arkansas – 07/06/2022, The architect’s journal
“OSD’s proposal envisions an overall focus on ‘holistic integration’ of the new building with the surrounding woods.”

Climate change breaks down plant immune systems. Can they be restarted? – 07/05/2022, Wired
“As temperatures rise, plants mysteriously lose their ability to defend themselves against invading pathogens, but there may be a solution.”


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