Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (August 16-31, 2022) – THE DIRT

Kids for Earth event in Bonn / greenpeace-judge, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

100 days to go until COP15 – And the omens are good for a global conservation plan – 30/08/2022, The Guardian
“Despite many challenges, December’s crucial biodiversity talks in Montreal could open a new path for humans to live with nature.

How a dangerous highway turned into a kid’s paradise – 30/08/2022, Governing
“San Francisco has a brand new park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay. Its history is rooted in an attempt to make road traffic safer.

Why drought is different depending on your region – 30/08/2022, Grist
“The Northeast’s ‘Flash Drought’ reminds us that drought is not just a western United States problem.”

In Los Angeles, a new sports facility responds to local needs – 30/08/2022, Metropolis
“SPF: Architects and Hood Design Studio create the Michelle and Barack Obama Sports Complex with elegant simplicity, community and sustainability as primary goals.”

Beloved Puget Sound Beach Emerges From $6.3 Million Redesign That Puts Resilience First – 08/2022, The architect’s journal
Led by Site Workshop, a Seattle-based landscape and urban design studio, the redesign of the popular public beach has resulted in a host of amenities, both new and familiar, as well as upgrades long-needed infrastructure.”


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