Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (August 1-15, 2022) – THE DIRT

Start of construction of Living Breakwaters in Staten Island / SCAPE Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

Can natural alternatives to seawalls keep waves at bay? – 08/12/22, The Guardian
“We can’t build single-use infrastructure anymore,” said Pippa Brashear, ASLA, Project Manager for Living Breakwaters. The structure that includes granite rocks and eco-concrete, and the biological activity that will latch onto and grow from these structures are meant to work together.

Highway removal is a big hurdle, even with new funding – 08/11/22, Governing
“Removing freeways is a tricky business, a costly and time-consuming physical feat, but proponents say even a small commitment to addressing damage to legacy road infrastructure is a positive sign.”

Can Anacostia build a bridge without moving its inhabitants? — 08/11/22, The New York Times
“The OMA and OLIN winning design, chosen by a committee of residents, features two gently sloping platforms that intersect in a wide X shape, a gesture of connectivity.”

RAISE Grants to Fund Complete Streets in Almost Every State – 08/11/22, Streetsblog
“The U.S. Department of Transportation has released the list of projects that have been approved under the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity grant programs, which are funding approximately $2.2 billion in 166 initiatives spanning all 50 states, district of Columbia and Puerto Rico. ”

A Landscape for Clean Water in the Chesapeake Bay – 08/09/22, Metropolis
“We understood the steepness needed for the historic structures up there, and we always wanted to maximize the amount of shoreline that could survive,” says Waterstreet project manager Carlin Tacey. “We are slowing down the water flow and trying to use a planted landscape to absorb the nutrients that would end up in the bay.”

To build sustainable cities, involve those who live there – 08/08/22, fast business
“To build trust, municipal leaders need partners, collaborators and
residents to work with them on setting goals, developing a measure
system and data collection.

Walter Hood speaks with A About his practice and the role of reflective nostalgia today – 08/01/22, The architect’s journal
“Reflective nostalgia plays a role in shaping future possibilities. In this way, I am nostalgic for black space. Maybe 15 years ago my vision of nostalgia was a little more pastiche and romantic, but now I realize I have a longing for black space.


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