Knickerbocker Group launches landscape architecture firm


After nearly 45 years of designing and building custom homes and buildings throughout Maine, Knickerbocker Group in Boothbay has expanded its offering to include landscape architecture. The practice will integrate seamlessly with the firm’s existing architectural and interior teams, alongside property management; allowing everyone to serve and strengthen existing services.

Licensed Landscape Architect Kerry Lewis is responsible for spearheading this expansion. Kerry joins Knickerbocker Group after two decades of successfully running her own firm as well as years of experience at firms in Boston, New York and San Francisco. For Kerry, collaboration is a key principle. “Working with architects and designers, the landscape architecture team will elevate each project from initial site consultation with potential clients, through design and construction, and continuing with our property management services” , says Lewis.

“Having Kerry join our team was a natural fit – her expertise, passion and commitment to Maine are highly synergistic with our core values. She cares deeply about improving biodiversity, educating our customers and colleagues, and protecting our climate,” says Danielle Betts, President of the Knickerbocker Group.

For clients, having a landscape architecture practice will provide a streamlined approach as well as the opportunity to create beautiful, durable and stable environments that enhance the natural beauty of a site. The team of landscape architects also works with our interior design firm to select outdoor furniture and accessories that complement thoughtful selections inside a home.

The Knickerbocker Group Landscape Architecture Firm will offer master planning, designs to support Knickerbocker Group projects, as well as projects requiring landscape design only, as well as collaborations with external vendors.


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