Kingspan and Seabin team up to clean up Sydney Harbor


Kingspan Group has partnered with Australian cleantech start-up Seabin on a mission to clean up the world’s waterways. This partnership is built on the alignment of their individual missions for cleaner oceans and supported by pioneering technology that collects microplastics and other ocean debris from the water.

The Seabin unit sucks up the water and passes it through a collection bag. The water is then pumped back into the marina while the marine debris trapped inside the bag is sent to a waste management facility for recycling.

A recent Sydney City pilot by Seabin collected over 16 tonnes of marine debris and filtered over 3.2 billion liters of water for microplastics, plastic, fibers, oil and other contaminants .

Thanks to this partnership, Sydney Harbor is expected to become much cleaner with the Kingspan sponsored Seabin unit at Jones Bay Marina expected to collect nearly 1.3 tonnes of marine debris from the water each year. Jones Bay Wharf is classified by Seabin as a “high volume marine litter accumulation point”.

Kingspan has a significant presence in Australia, providing energy efficiency solutions for buildings, as well as rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment and energy storage. The Sydney Harbor cleanup is being run as part of their 10-year Planet Passionate sustainability program, which includes a commitment to support five ocean cleanup projects around the world by 2025.

Seabin’s 100 Smarter Cities program – Sydney is the second ocean cleanup project to receive support under Kingspan’s Planet Passionate pledge. In 2019, the company began a three-year partnership with the ECOALF Foundation to remove up to 150 tonnes of waste from the Mediterranean each year thanks to the foundation’s network of fishermen. A significant portion of recovered plastic waste is used in Kingspan’s production.

Seabin is now replicating its model worldwide with the aim of covering 100 cities by 2050. Business partnerships such as the one with Kingspan will help Seabin achieve its goals by providing some of the much needed funding for environmental technicians to maintain and maintain the units, collect data, engage with local communities and host educational events. Kingspan plans to support a second Seabin unit in Los Angeles in 2022.

“Having a multinational like Kingspan join us and support our mission for cleaner oceans is nothing short of inspiring and an example for others to follow. The team and I look forward to working with Kingspan here in Sydney and Los Angeles as we grow our operations to increase our positive impact across the world,” said Seabin CEO and Co-Founder Pete Ceglinski. .

Bianca Wong, Sustainability Manager at Kingspan Group, said: “We are delighted to partner with Seabin as part of our Planet Passionate sustainability programme. Responsible use of resources and protection of the natural environment are the main focus areas of the program and we are delighted to help Seabin improve water quality and remove pollutants from ports around the world.


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