Imogen and Courtney, local landscape architecture students, win national awards – Gloucestershire News Service


Two landscape architecture students from the University of Gloucestershire have won national awards for their creative designs in ‘reimagined’ local areas, including the Honeybourne line in Cheltenham, in response to climate and natural crises.

Imogen Reeves and Courtney Brodrick have been awarded the LDA National Design Scholarship 2021 after submitting entries for the LDA Design Competition 2021. They are awarded a £1,000 scholarship and an internship opportunity with the design firm and LDA planning.

The competition challenged designers to produce imaginative ways to respond to climate and natural crises by making the places where people live more resilient and innovative.

Imogen and Courtney, who are both studying BA (Hons) Degree in Landscape Architecturesare the first students of the University to receive the national award.

Courtney’s Design’The Honeybourne Linea sweet opportunity for pollinators ‘ seeks to enrich the local ecology and new creative habits along the disused former railway line of the same name now used by cyclists, runners and walkers in Cheltenham.

The judges said the use of green watercolor in the design was inviting and intriguing, and the use of hand-drawn drawings was indicative of the emotional connections embedded in it.

When redesigning the Honeybourne line, Courtney considered ways to increase biodiversity, create new habitats and have a positive local social impact, for example by introducing a planting program to support species such as butterflies, moths and bees.

Courtney said, “Our first-year design study focused on pulling design ideas from unexpected places through a creative approach, which generated my confidence and imagination of creating premises.”

Imogen made a drawing titled ‘Something borrowed, something blue’ which defines a vision for an imaginary space that combines the tranquility of a pre-industrial rural idyll with the energy of a modern city.

The jury was impressed with the breadth of thought in Imogen’s design and appreciated the open and unconstrained presentation of her ideas in the drawing.

Imogen said, “Combining musicology with the landscape design process was a really interesting experience and allowed students to be more intuitive in the design process with personal experience and emotion.”

Academic course leader Dr Ying Li said, “I am truly thrilled to see the next generation of designers responding creatively and authentically to the current climate and natural crises in such unique approaches.

“What Imogen and Courtney have achieved is exceptional, which is perfect for living up to the motto of the BA Landscape Architecture course: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’.


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