How Mixed Material Palettes Bring “Modern” Home Design to Life


The Australian residential construction market is looking for a record number of homes that are currently under construction or ready to start in the near future. For new owners, this is an exciting time as they make style and design decisions with ease of living in mind.

‘Modern’ is currently in vogue in Australian home design, as a survey by global fiber cement products manufacturer James Hardie revealed. However, while a modern home is indeed a popular design preference among most Australians, the interpretation of this style varies from home to home. But all adhere to a set of core design principles that set them apart: clean lines, open floor plans, and a neutral color palette with a pop of textures, colors, and materials throughout.

Australian homebuilder Coral Homes recently unveiled their latest home design in the Atlanta Series within the Modern Collection. The new Atlanta 48 offers contemporary living in a stunning two-story family home that is spacious, bright and open, with a modern facade created using a mix of James Hardie finishes for ultimate street appeal.

Atlanta’s modern exterior blends shapes and lines, allowing homeowners to create a unique home through the use of a mixed palette of innovative materials. Mixed siding styles lend an architectural vibe to a home facade while providing contrast at an affordable price.

“The Atlanta uses a mix of materials on the exterior in a monochromatic palette that incorporates the textural elements of James Hardie Axon Cladding. Axon’s grooved fiber cement panels offer strength and scale, clean vertical lines to accentuate the building at double height and create harmony with other exterior materials,” says Angela Haughton, National Design and Signage Manager at Coral Homes.

“Homeowners can show their creativity through color and paint, with the coating acting as a blank canvas,” Haughton continues. “The Atlanta demonstrates the juxtaposition of color and texture with a dark color palette of grays and neutral tones, a wonderful balance between dark and light that has become synonymous with modern design.”

Form and function take center stage in modern home design, with blocks and backyards getting smaller and smaller. “The best home design ideas are inspired by homeowners’ vision and how they want to live in the space, while reflecting how they feel,” says Haughton.

“Atlanta 48 was designed for blocks over 15m, with open living and influences from the outdoor landscape brought inside. The home features a casual chic aesthetic with neutral palettes throughout, providing the perfect backdrop for bold accents of color and texture.

This latest addition to the Atlanta series of Coral Homes received the Best Display Home award of over $550,000 from the Master Builders Association. Featuring four living areas that flow seamlessly from the interior to the exterior, the Atlanta incorporates various interior design elements such as high ceilings, concrete-look tiles, and wood accents , with natural details introducing a feeling of warmth and softness in the space.

The mixed palette of materials and colors breaks up the monotony and draws the eye to the interesting forms of the home design, creating drama and intrigue.

On the lower level, the concrete-style tile floor is paired with a modern kitchen and Caesarstone island benches that flow up to the credenza. Throughout the house, colors reflect the landscape, such as the dark brown wood floors in the entryway. Bathroom countertops complement accessories, wallpapers and fabrics in neutral tones.

The rooms are designed to create a peaceful environment with the choice of materials and finishes such as wood paneling providing a timeless style, whilst presenting a luxurious feel.

“When choosing a design that suits your family and lifestyle, consider the layout of the new construction, including the function of the rooms, the block of land and the way the exterior of the house offers urban appeal,” says Haughton.

The choice of modern construction materials such as Hardie Axon embodies this contemporary spirit, with its graphic facade that stands out in any streetscape and its striking and timeless design. Beyond the highly attractive aesthetics, Hardie Axon also offers practical benefits such as long-term durability and low maintenance, with the coating designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian climate, while being suitable for homes in the bushfire or exposed areas. sea-like.


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