GATE 2022 Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM) Answer Key with Published Solutions


Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM) stood today in the morning shift from 9am to 12pm. This is the third item of GATE 2022 held today. At least six papers were scheduled in the morning shift for the GATE review today and the remaining papers are scheduled in the evening shift. Candidates can consult the answer key with solutions published on the Internet.

The GATE NM item is one of those items that have been introduced by IITs from this year. This document had a total of 65 questions which were a mixture of engineering mathematics and naval engineering. Candidates who prepared well for this article shared that the average attempt was between 40 and 45 questions. The overall difficulty level of the document can be kept between moderate and difficult.

After the exam is completed, social media platforms such as Youtube, Telegram, etc. were inundated with paper scans of today’s exam. Candidates can check this analysis as they also have GATE 2022 NM answer keys with solutions. These are prepared by coveted professors from prestigious coaching classes and have long been pioneers in the field. The candidate can either access the answer key by himself, or use the following answer keys listed in the space below:

Using these answer keys with solutions for GATE 2022 NM helps in knowing the overall performance level and also provides a clear insight into the level of the questions being asked in the exam. Candidates can watch the video of these GATE 2022 Answer Keys and find out if they are lucky enough to get selected for the exam this year. Apart from the students who took the exam today, these answer keys with solutions are a great tool for those who are targeting the GATE 2023 exam.

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