FEBRUARY 2022 | Landscape Architecture Magazine


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18 Now
The transition from farmland to wetlands in the northern San Francisco Bay area; a commendable first for a preservation landscape architect; academia appears to be better than practice for gender equity; the search for a future where plastics are alive; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

38 Planning
An awning where it counts
After a storm devastates the urban forest in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the city enlists Confluence and ASLA honorary Jeff Speck to help it push back harder.
By Kevan Klosterwill

50 Goods
Set it on fire
Get cozy with new fire and heat elements.
By Emily Davidson


56 North Star
The University of Michigan’s mid-century North Campus was an emblem of then-current campus design—suburban and car-centric, but lacking a sense of place. With a few deft moves, Stoss Landscape Urbanism’s redesign of the central quad brought light, texture and topographic drama, and the students followed suit.
By Zach Mortice

the back

80 Landslide 2021
Here we are together
In the face of decades of erasure and neglect campaigns, the Cultural Landscape Foundation’s multimedia initiative shines a light on landscapes at risk of Race and space.
By Jennifer Reut

92 Pounds
twice burned
A review of Breathing fire: Women firefighters detained on the front lines of California wildfires by Jaime Lowe.
By Stephen Pyne

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128 Background
Terrain Work’s plan for a park ceiling on I-74 in Peoria, Illinois brings neighborhoods and generations together.
By Jennifer Reut


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