Dulux channels the elements with color prediction


The Dulux Color Forecast 2023 was born from the desire to live simply and authentically. In introducing three new palettes titled Balance, Connect, and Revive, the company sought to eliminate the unnecessary and refine the meaningful qualities that colors possess.

Dulux’s curation, led by head of color and communications Andrea Lucena-Orr and color forecaster and stylist Bree Leech, is the result of extensive research undertaken by the duo. Lucena-Orr says trends are identified and effectively translated for Australian interiors.

“We are influenced by what is happening in Europe and the major interior trade shows. There are a lot of considerations in fashion, macro trends and what’s going on politically and financially. All of these things have an effect on what we design and the colors we resonate with. Once we have this information, we filter it for the Australian market.

The paint brand has capitalized on the company’s current desire to connect with the environment, with warm, earthy neutrals, natural textures and a number of brighter hues. Leech says durability is a key part of all three palettes.

“We are reframing our relationship with material things – it is no longer enough for a room to be beautiful, it has to earn its place in our homes,” she says.

“Sustainability is starting to feel more personal; we don’t just want to know that the pieces are made with respect for the environment, but to understand the journey they have traveled before arriving in our lives, for example by choosing traceable fabrics or learning the history of the maker. As a result, there continues to be a renewed interest in craftsmanship and pieces that have a story to tell.

Balance (top photo, above) features a range of sea blues, soft greens, and deep garnet accents that evoke the beauty and fluidity of the ocean and coastline. Velvets and silks, curvaceous furniture and abstract art work well with the palette.

“The balance is very much inspired by a ‘less is more’ philosophy, with minimal detailing and an understated approach to decorating. Instead, the focus is on immersive color and the beauty of intricate, structured patterns found in nature, like a simple seashell or fern frond,” says Leech.

The earthy and biophilic characteristics of Dulux’s findings are on display with Connect (pictured below). With tones of moss, wasabi, sandstone, muddy yellow-green and burnt charcoal, the Dulux Connect palette aims to foster our relationship with the great outdoors. Textures such as wood, leather, rattan, and stone top the list of things to pair with Connect.

dulux 2023 color forecast

dulux 2023 color forecast

“It speaks of calm, comfort and an honest approach to life, and evokes many hobbies we have experienced during lockdown, such as hiking, cooking, quilting and gardening. The muddy yellow-green has something of a nostalgic country-house feel, the cinnamon is grounded, while the rich purple-brown adds an indulgent, contemporary edge,” says Lucena-Orr.

Dulux’s final palette, Revive (pictured below), aims to up the mood. Pink rose, airy blue, sunny yellow and burnt orange are the titles of a list of colors that bring a lighter touch to the contemporary interior.

dulux 2023 color forecast

“The brighter Revive palette is all about living for today and celebrating what life is meant to be: having fun with people and interiors in any space. You can also see what the color does emotionally for people. Color uplifts people, and by having it in your interior, it gives the interior an emotive quality,” says Lucena-Orr.

“Combining retro influences with futuristic features, such as pixel patterns and digital art, the Revive palette cleverly merges the past and present. And with its colorful accent walls and standout seating, it creates the perfect Instagram moment.

dulux 2023 color forecast

Dulux’s predictions for 2023 are actually a guide for designers and homeowners to start giving their homes the color treatment. To view Dulux’s full color trend predictions for 2023, click here.


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