DIVA Fold & Roll stages for COVID-safe events


After more than two years of the pandemic, events are being held with more enthusiasm across the country. However, event programs in Australia currently require indoor and outdoor COVID-safe spaces.

That’s where Select Staging Concepts’ unique, space-saving DIVA Fold & Roll Stage Podiums provide a simple and effective solution for every display, performance or event requirement.

Assembling a DIVA Fold & Roll Stage is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – you can either assemble it as a single unit or add multiple DIVA Podiums together for a larger event area. The DIVA Fold & Roll stage is easy to roll up after the event and can be stored on the base of the integrated trolley. It is also the right solution for an outdoor stage with a marine grade carpet surface that also has anti-slip properties.

DIVA podiums have a nominal weight of 765 kg per square meter, making them a robust and safe event platform solution.

Australian-made DIVA Fold & Roll portable stage systems maximize indoor or outdoor event spaces: Add to existing performance equipment, or create innovative new display, performance and marketing stages specially designed for safety, reliability, resistance and versatility.

Customize your DIVA stage system for indoor or outdoor events using our wide range of stage accessories, including disabled access ramps, safety steps and handrails, portable lecterns and more again – the options are endless.

Bring your ideas for COVID safe events and performances to life with the DIVA Fold & Roll stage and stage prop solutions from Select Staging Concepts.


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