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Over the past few years, Moddex has had the opportunity to work in various industry sectors. Having worked with clients in different industry sectors such as tri-water, education, multi-level commercial construction, road and rail, Moddex has been able to create unique solutions for different applications and environments.

Road & Rail

A vast road or rail project? Never too complex for Moddex.

Road and rail infrastructure projects can have the most extensive requirements, including compliance and design. So when you’re involved in a big project, it’s good to know that some elements can be stress-free!

Investing in the Moddex system means we take care of the design, manufacture and installation of your project’s barrier requirements, providing a turnkey design and build package. Being pre-designed, with many years of research, development, design and engineering behind each pre-designed configuration, our engineers can perform a detailed design assessment of your handrail and balustrade and produce a PS1 site specific to ensure that your Moddex system complies with the New Zealand Building Code and other relevant standards.

With a proven track record of successful projects and working with some of New Zealand’s leading companies such as KiwiRail, HEB Construction, Fletchers, McConnell Dowell, NZTA and many more, you can be sure Moddex can provide a solution no matter what. or the complexity of your project.


Compliant and corrosion-resistant solutions – ideal for 3 waters!

When dealing with sites exposed to the elements and harsh chemicals such as water treatment plants, you should know that the handrail systems in place are robust and capable of ensuring maximum site safety. .

Our range of Tuffrail industrial handrails are available in three different types of material: hot-dip galvanized steel, marine grade aluminum and 316 stainless steel. Manufactured in-house and sent to site flat-packed, the efficient method of installing our systems modules reduces the potential risk of water contamination. Being a seamless system, it eliminates the need for hot work permits and the associated safety hazards associated with grinding, welding and sparking in flammable environments. For industrial projects in corrosive environments, Moddex is your #1 choice.


Multi-level commercial construction

Functional railing requirements as well as aesthetics? Moddex covers all aspects.

The multi-storey commercial construction industry comprising apartments, hotels and office buildings is one of the key sectors of the New Zealand economy.

Time is money in construction. What our customers need is a smart, functional, easy to install and low cost of ownership handrail or balustrade system. Moddex offers exactly that! Our modular systems are designed and manufactured off-site, providing the ultimate pre-engineered solution. This gives greater flexibility on site with materials adapted to the structure. Should there be any changes to the site, this can be easily accommodated, with the flexibility of the system allowing components to be easily adjusted or added.


Our pre-engineered modular handrails and balustrades are not only designed to be functional and easy to install, but are also a great aesthetic option in a sleek and stylish galvanized finish or powder coated finish. We have completed a large number of multi-level commercial projects with our design and build delivery.


Pre-designed modular solutions that set up quickly – ideal for working during school hours!

Moddex is a long-time supplier of compliant modular handrail and balustrading systems for government-led projects under the Ministry of Education.

Glenfield Middle School

With a number of successfully completed school projects, Moddex has earned an outstanding reputation for its ‘turnkey’ mode of operation, maximizing efficiency and ensuring compliance every step of the way for each of our projects. Our pre-engineered modular systems make installations quick without the need for welding or disrupting regular school hours.

Whether you are an architect, specifier, project manager, engineer or fabricator working on a project in any industry, our end-to-end service and pre-engineered solutions make working with Moddex easy.


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