Cost of renovating a kitchen – How much to renovate a kitchen?


How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

The average cost of a complete kitchen renovation in Australia is $17,000. However, this average can increase considerably depending on the region. In Sydney, an average kitchen renovation costs $23,000. Low-end kitchen renovations start between $10,000 and $25,000, moderate kitchen renovations cost between $20,000 and $45,000 and extensive/luxury kitchen renovations start at $45,000 but can easily exceed $100,000. $.

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“How much to renovate a kitchen?” – well, how long does a piece of string last? A kitchen renovation will cost what you are willing to spend. Typical kitchen renovations are in the low $20,000 range, but you can decide to pay more or less for a different effect. The main cost factor is directly related to the difficulty of what you want to accomplish.

There are three general categories of renovations: light, moderate and major. For those on a tight budget, a light renovation is probably what you’ll consider. Light renovations are those that do not require a lot of work from a contractor, so completely changing the layout and plumbing system of your kitchen is not considered a light renovation. Light renovations mainly refer to cosmetic changes such as swapping furniture, updating appliances, replacing worktops and accessories, painting/designing a new color scheme and rearranging the layout without making major structural changes. Light renovations usually cost between $10,000 and $20,000, but this figure can be understated if you choose to do DIY, as much of this work can be done at home.

A moderate or medium renovation will be more difficult to DIY. Moderate kitchen renovations will cost between $20,000 and $45,000 and will usually require experienced contractors. Common touches added to a moderate renovation include installing feature walls, floating cabinets, moving fixtures such as the sink, and removing walls to create an open kitchen. All of this work is in addition to the modifications made for a slight renovation.

The main difference between major and moderate renovations is the commitment to luxury. Large, high-end renovations will have the highest quality materials available, while moderate renovations will generally find affordable quality materials. Major renovations will also tend to be more dramatic, including completely moving the kitchen or completely tearing it down and rebuilding it from scratch. A deep renovation starts at $45,000 but could easily reach $100,000 depending on the type of luxury materials used – marble being particularly popular – and the level of work that will need to be completed by the contractors.

To help you get an idea of ​​which updates would work best in your kitchen, here’s a look at some common kitchen remodeling projects and their likely cost.

New kitchen cost: distribution of kitchen renovation by site


Work plans

Countertops are often the first stop for interior designers in the kitchen. Indeed, they will often set the tone, style and theme of the room based on their appearance. There are many types of kitchen countertop materials, the most popular being engineered stone. Other common choices include laminate, granite, marble, concrete, quartz stainless steel, wood, and a new material: Kompacplus. For more information on which kitchen worktop material to choose, see here or consult Kaboodle kitchen for a cost calculator and the ability to design your kitchen online.

Prices vary greatly depending on the material you choose for your countertop. You should also consider installation costs and installation rates, which will be higher for a difficult to install material like granite or marble and much lower for laminate. Laminate is the least expensive type of kitchen benchtop material, usually priced between $100 and $400 per square yard. (High-end laminate can be expensive, but is also able to mimic more luxurious materials to increase aesthetic value. Marble is generally the most expensive benchtop material, ranging from $800 to $2,200 per yard Stainless steel is also an expensive material, usually priced at $900 per square meter.



Buying new appliances is where a lot of your money will go in renovating a kitchen. Large items like a refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher are likely to put you in the thousands or hundreds for new, high-quality, energy-efficient products. Small appliances like a toaster, rice cooker and kettle will likely be in the low hundreds as they are much more affordable (and usually come in sets). For a kitchen full of brand new appliances, you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000. However, you can also choose to buy used items from gumtree or other stores in the market. This will greatly reduce the cost.


To replace kitchen cabinet doors, costs will likely range between $60 and $500. It’s a great way to save money if your cabinets are fully functional but you want cosmetic renovations to make them look better. Replacing cabinet doors is also a common project for those who want to keep their kitchen up to date.



There are many different options for kitchen floors, but a few are preferred. Kitchens, like bathrooms, are very susceptible to exposure to liquids and water over time. The best flooring material is therefore waterproof substances such as vinyl, tile and hybrid flooring. Other possible choices include wood and laminate. Tiling is a particularly popular feature of a kitchen floor as it can be paired with a tiled backsplash on the walls to create a sense of cohesiveness in the design.


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