Community concerns regarding the urban landscaping plan for the North East Link tunnels remain unaddressed


Since the release of Spark’s lengthy (500+ page document) North East Link Tunnels Urban Design Landscape Plan (UDLP), community members have remained concerned and anxious about the potential negative impacts of the project, which presents a structure with dimensions of a skyscraper (17 floors).

Cr Jane Addis, Mayor of Boroondara, said the local community feared their views had not been heard or taken into account, and that the consultation process undertaken by Spark should have taken longer than the minimum legal requirement of 21 days.

“Despite the significant impact these designs will have on surrounding residents, the document was exhibited for the minimum legally prescribed period,” she said.

“The community did not have enough time to review the material, receive answers to their questions and form an opinion to make a submission.

“In contrast, the relatively minor park-and-ride building, which forms a small part of the overall project, was announced for 36 days.”

According to Cr Addis, 21 days is not enough for residents to fully understand over 500 pages of dense technical information, which would be unknown to many readers, and provide meaningful feedback on a proposal of this size, scope and depth. influence.

“In addition, community members should receive responses to their concerns within a similar timeframe,” she said.

In addition to the inadequate exposure schedule, residents expressed a range of concerns about certain aspects of the UDLP, in particular:

  • Lack of consideration of the human scale of the project, including the clutter and visual impact of the 17-storey ventilation structure at the south end of the tunnels.
  • The scale and complexity of the South Interchange and the visual impact of neighboring residential areas.
  • Lack of foresight regarding the sustainability of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, for example by separating modes of transport and lighting.

The Council has prepared a submission to Spark’s UDLP consultation on behalf of the residents of the Town of Boroondara based on community feedback received through community conversations and a Council-led consultation held at the public display of Spark’s document.

“During a briefing with North East Link and Spark program leaders on the UDLP held a week before its public exposure, advisers posed several questions that remain unanswered, despite a commitment to provide responses to Council,” said Cr Addis.

“Issues included Council’s request that views of the ventilation structure be provided from surrounding properties at ground level to show the community what it will look like from their homes and from the perspective of pedestrians using the open space. adjacent, rather than a helicopter view.

“The North East Link program did not respond to our questions, or our request for ground-level drawings, and as a result our community is being denied the opportunity to envision how a 17-story structure will appear in a landscape. residential where there is nothing even close to that scale or significance.

“For context, it should be three stories higher than any other building in Boroondara.”

By comparison, the taller of Aerial Apartments’ two towers is 14 stories high (480 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn East).

“The structure is well within skyscraper territory and 13m taller than required to meet government-accepted environmental standards under the approved baseline design, with no explanation provided for the extra height,” said Credit Addis.

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