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Landscape architects have been working on issues of sustainability and resilience for a century.

Reports on projects and approaches to sea level rise, extreme drought, urban heat islands, floods and wildfires have raised awareness of the vital work landscape architects do to help communities to adapt to climate change.

  • “Power Player”, by Nicholas Pevzner, Yekang Ko and Kirk Dimond, ASLA. A call to action for landscape architects to design just and multifunctional energy landscapes.
  • “Let’s beat it!” By Brian Barth, photographs by Julie Dermansky. In southern Louisiana, Evans + Lighter Landscape Architecture helps the inhabitants of the Isle of Jean Charles to get away from a coast that is in danger of disappearing. Winner of the Bradford Williams Medal.
  • “The Rising Tidewater”, by Brett Anderson, photographs by Sahar Coston-Hardy. Disparate but urgent efforts to address rising sea levels in the Virginia Tidewater, one of the nation’s most important strategic centers, are struggling to keep up with visible realities.
  • “The Year of the Superstudio”, by Aaron King. Global issues meet regional politics in the field’s most ambitious undertaking in a century.
  • “Twice Bitten” by Jared Brey. After two rare storms flood Ellicott City, Maryland, the town is trying to sort out what can be saved with the help of Mahan Rykiel.
  • “Taking the Wind Out of Wildfires”, by Timothy Schuler. An ambitious forest restoration project in Ashland, Oregon aims to reduce the risk that wildfires pose to residents and their water supply.
  • “Unlimited Floods” by Lisa Owens Viani. Nogales, Mexico, and Nogales, Arizona. Two countries. A troubled watershed. No solution—yet.


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