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Bob Somers is a resident of Osborne Village, a talented musician, a seasoned skateboarder, and you’ve probably seen him running around the neighborhood with his partner. Why is this important? Because it’s Landscape Architecture Month in Manitoba and landscape architecture, among other things, is about people and the communities that connect them.

Bob is a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Master of Landscape Architecture program, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. He’s now Senior Landscape Architect at Scatliff + Miller + Murray, and he’s one of many people in your community with a story to tell.

Bob grew up skateboarding in St. Vital, where he saw the neighborhood and the city transform, and in his professional career he continued that transformation by participating in many important projects. In his spare time, he toured the country in numerous rock bands while attending college. Bob moved to the Corydon/Osborne area in the 90s, and he appreciates its density and diversity of people. Her favorite part of the neighborhood is the walkability: “You can walk to a local grocery store, meet friends at a local bar, or walk downtown.”

Bob Somers is a Principal Landscape Architect with Scatliff + Miller + Murray who was educated at the University of Manitoba.

Bob’s love for his community kept him here after graduating from the U of M. Today, alongside his professional practice, he gives back by co-running a Learn to Run clinic with his wife, where they encourage people to run outside of the year. go around and experience their surroundings at a different pace.

Bob remembers how lucky he was to have peers who had a level of joy and fun involved in everything they did, which was integral to his training as a designer. While in college, Bob became involved in many extracurricular activities, including starting a landscape journal called Berm and Swale. One of Bob’s main learnings in school “was to recognize the important role of landscape architects and our impact on communities and neighborhoods.” He has done this by starting a University of Manitoba scholarship with his peers called Joys of Landscape, which aims to encourage the same level of joy and fun they experienced in school.

Working at Scatliff + Miller + Murray, Bob was part of several iconic projects, such as the redevelopment of Waterfront Drive and the Plaza at The Forks. He’s involved in everything from large-scale regional plans to small-site interventions, though he still enjoys designing skateparks and was the founding chair of the Skateboard Coalition of Manitoba. Bob is also currently President Elect of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.

During Manitoba Landscape Architecture Month, designers and architects like Bob work together with the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects to host public events and encourage you to get lost in your own community. One such event is the Landscape Rocks! scavenger hunt showcasing the sometimes subtly designed spaces of your community. Follow MALA on social media to stay up to date with more events.

Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects

Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects

The Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects celebrates Manitoba Landscape Architecture Month each September.


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