Architecture students use cutting-edge technology to create winning design during lockdown – News & Events


The twist

How do you create a winning design when your team is separated due to COVID-19 restrictions? Enter virtual and augmented reality tools. The design team was able to access helmets to design the S’winter Station pavilion from their homes.

“VR was really helpful here, because especially when we were locked up at home, you could just put on those glasses and walk through your design in real time,” said Weiss, who worked on her bedroom design.

The team also used augmented reality, the overlaying of digital models in the real world, to trace the design. They were able to see how the design would work in three dimensions and make fixes and changes before the physical design existed.

Weiss says these practices are at the forefront of architectural design. “We can test hundreds and thousands of panels [designs] without waiting time,” he said.

One of Weiss’ design partners, third-year student Justin Lieberman, adds that using advanced visual design is something some of the top architectural firms in Canada can’t even do.

“Thanks to our faculty and our team here, we are able to do these kinds of things. And that makes this whole process even better,” Lieberman said. “This makes our products even stronger. We don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen on site when we can do it right in our basements or bedrooms.


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