Architecture students create walls of joy


The walls of the Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat (DK ZP) Government Higher Primary School in Valachil, on the outskirts of the city, came to life through the efforts of a group of enthusiastic students and their teachers from the Institute of Srinivas technology (SIT) in Valachil.

“The idea of ​​creating beautiful works of art on dull walls and doing something good for the community struck us when we entered the school premises,” said Dr Janardana Rao Havanje, artist and assistant professor at Srinivas School of Architecture. (ASS), SIT.

Dr Havanje said that the Director of SIT, Dr Srinivas Mayya, and the Head of the Department of Architecture, Vasudev Shet, supported the idea that local institutions contribute to local development.

To achieve this goal, SSA staff including Havanje, Assistant Professor Shravya Hegde and 40 students launched “Coterie”.

Havanje says that before painting the walls, teachers and students were encouraged to reveal the kind of images they like to see on their school walls.

Coterie, after compiling the suggestions, painted thought-provoking images on topics ranging from global warming to the harmful effects of tobacco consumption. The walls also have charts related to school subjects and favorite cartoon characters, Havanje said.

Around 35 works of art on the exterior walls deal with the environment and other subjects. Images on the water cycle, solar system and aquatic life, the functioning of the heart, among others, attract viewers’ attention with their unique style.

The strong point of these paintings is that they are not drawn in a conventional style, but, in the form of cartoons, in order to appeal to the pupils. The brightly colored walls, apart from enhancing the beauty of the school, also make the learning process fun for the students, adds Havanje.

The paintings also blocked ugly scribbles on the walls of the school.

“The interior walls of the classrooms were also painted, and local contractors came forward to sponsor the painting,” Havanje recalls gratefully.

The primary school children were very inspired after seeing the members of the Coterie at work and expressed their eagerness to paint the walls.

Havanje recalls that after finishing the painting on the second day, many children in muffled voices kept asking if they would come back to school.

Janardana says the members of the Coterie also ate with the children. A strong bond was woven between the Coterie and the schoolchildren in two days.

To cherish this bond, school children’s hand print was also created on the walls by dipping their little hands in colors.

Febin Sajan, who is currently in the third semester of SSA, said DH that the Coterie event had inspired him and his friends to undertake more community work in the future.

School walls are now a “selfie spot”

Valachil Government Primary School Principal Molly Gracy Vas said there were 70 pupils studying at the school.

“The beautiful designs have inspired the children to take a keen interest in their subjects. When the parents of the students visit the school, they take selfies with the artworks painted in the background,” she said. declared.

The school’s popularity has increased and the school’s total enrollment is likely to increase from the next school year, she said and added that the work of the Coterie team is a source of inspiration for others working for the cause of society.


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