Architecture Firm Consolidates Floating Restaurant Design


Hicksville-based Mark Design Studios celebrated the recent opening of a new “floating restaurant” on Manhasset Bay that the architectural firm designed.

Admission to Nino’s Beach Restaurant / Courtesy of Mark Design Studio

Nino’s Beach, a Mediterranean-style restaurant on Orchard Beach Boulevard in Port Washington, opened its doors last month after undergoing approximately $3 million in extensive renovations.

The 11,000 square foot restaurant, the latest restaurant to occupy the space of the Safe Harbor Capri Marina, was built on an existing wooden dock and deck system as a workaround to a geographically challenging site.

The architect worked with general contractor Penta Restoration Corp. on the project, where the floor panels are made of marine-grade plywood, specialized insulation, and low-emitting composite wood flooring for improved moisture resistance. As a result, the restaurant has a uniformly flat floor while adhering to the energy code that allowed it to receive its designed floor finishes, according to a company statement.

Construction includes high performance exterior windows and doors to isolate and maximize views, as well as custom folding glass doors to open up the south deck space.

“We achieved the essential goal of comfort and style by designing a flooring system using a structural insulation panel system with splines to secure each panel for greater comfort as well as stability and strength. to the movement of the tides,” Michael Mark, director of Mark Design Studios Architecture, said in the statement. “We had to consider all the variables of a building above water, including humidity, high winds and tides. We and the client are delighted with the result. You would never know you were eating directly over water.


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