ArchDaily: 2022 and the evolution of architecture


ArchDaily: 2022 and the evolution of architecture

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After a year 2020 that will be remembered as an inflection point for our global society, 2021 only reminded us that the rapid phase of change is here to stay, and that a new attitude towards the way we see and embrace. the world was needed. A challenge that we have taken up with optimism.

During this year, we continued our mission to connect our global community through inspiration and knowledge, taking you on an endless journey through the world, through which we have seen how architecture, often slow to fall. react, was up to the challenge and the architect embraced a new attitude, becoming aware of the new scenario, providing adaptable, hybrid, scalable, reusable solutions.

As we are at the height of the urban era, the issue of the built environment has become a cross-cutting concern, making architecture more necessary than ever. In this process, architecture was pushed to open up and become more inclusive. We believe that architecture is not just for architects and we have seen the boundaries of the profession become diffuse and permeable. Why does architecture have to be distant, uncertain, unpredictable? As has happened in many industries, digitization has reduced complexity, lowered prices and empowered consumers. And it is happening to our industry, where a number of self-sustaining and rapidly growing prosumers are engaging with architecture and architects in a new and informed way. From the rapidly changing trends of micro-living, small cubicles, off-grid living, to the push to lockdown to challenge our quality of life and improve our homes, the way we live in the built environment is became one of the most important questions of 2021, a common place where architects and society at large have met.

As has happened with finance or retail, our industry is about to be turned upside down, and we’re happy to see a new generation of startups taking on the challenge of digitizing and making architecture more accessible, democratic and sustainable, combining bits and atoms to build digital and physical bridges, like the startups selected as part of ArchDaily 2021 New Practices.

In this new context, the mindset of the architect also permeates outside our traditional sphere, and our skills (abstraction, collaboration, problem solving) find a new place in different industries, from manufacturing to interfaces and in the coming metaverse, opening up new opportunities for the new generation of graduates, who often saw an uncertain future by viewing architecture as a fixed profession.

As we have started to connect our community around these issues, interest and engagement have only grown, and in 2021 we have reached new heights with over 22 million visits per month on our network. . We continued to grow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, where with 3.4 million subscribers, we found new ways to connect with our creative community. TikTok and Discord remain our next frontier.

During this year, we have worked hard to give a presence to architectural offices and photographers in their enriched profiles, and we have also opened our platform to the various professionals who participate in the construction cycle. We’ve continued to improve the Materials Industry Dashboard, our research, and new ways to manage your newsletter subscriptions and email alerts.

What to expect in 2022? While continuing to connect the world around inspiration and knowledge about the built environment, from the local to the glocal, we will dive into the new gray area that has become the frontier of our profession, to connect the new startups of the world. ‘space. We plan to bring new tools to help connect architects and other professionals with more business opportunities, and of course to improve our usability and user experience, putting our users first.

As I mentioned before, we started out optimistically, but it was not easy. As we begin a new era for ArchDaily in 2020, as part of Architonic ArchDaily, our global team faced many internal challenges. But our team is committed to our mission to improve the quality of our built environment through inspiration and knowledge, improving the way we deliver it to you in 2021 and we will continue to live by our commitment to bring you even more by 2022.

Thank you for your support, because as a platform ArchDaily only exists with your participation.

Best regards,

David Basulto
Founder & Editor-in-chief


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