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20 Now
Clever crosswalk reviews have an impact; America’s Hottest City Opens First Heat Response and Mitigation Office; an urban greenway for New Jersey by MNLA follows the railroad; waterfront designers should consider urban fishermen; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

40 Water
In the tank
Amid the wetlands and steelworks of Chicago’s Big Marsh Park, a new water recycling system at the Ford Calumet Environmental Center is renewing the area’s ecological potential.
By Zach Mortice

50 Preservation
Tavern on stage
The historic Dunham Tavern in Midtown Cleveland was a destination of interest to all but its neighbors. Merritt Chase and LAND Studio have incorporated the community and some missing pieces of the area’s history into a new master plan for the landscape.
By Timothy A. Schuler

62 Goods
Sprouts with spring
Vibrant plant introductions for the new season.
By Emily Davidson


70 In Their Elements
Farm, family, and design fundamentals, topped with a dash of social media, might seem like an uncommon recipe for a nationally recognized landscape architecture firm. But at Stimson, that’s how they’ve always done it.
By Jonathan Lener

94 Year of the Superstudio
With its clear call for green jobs, environmental justice and national decarbonization, the Green New Deal reads like a set of incentives for a landscape architecture studio, so why not make one? Inside the year-long experiment aimed at grounding the policy in real regional issues.
By Aaron King


122 Work in progress
When a group of SHoP architects announced they were forming a union to address the grueling hours, poor pay, and lack of visibility into the decisions that had caused them, the landscape architects started talking. Here, 10 designers discuss how they are rewriting the rules of the profession’s work culture.
By Bradford McKee

140 Books
From Complex to Playground
A review of Schools That Heal: Designing with Mental Health in Mind by Claire Latané.
By Bess Williamson

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176 Background
The Many Paths Across a Land Bridge in Houston by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects.


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