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8 inside

10 Land issues

12 letters


16 now
Philadelphia’s Studio Ludo swings out to play packs; a landscape makes sense in Winston-Salem; a bird count in India gives fresh but worrying data; a landscape is a better place to adopt pets; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

34 Water
Grow green
With an investment of $ 30 million, the city of Buffalo joins a small group of cities that have turned to environmental impact bonds to finance soft infrastructure.
By Jared Brey

42 Planning
Count them
Long overlooked by planners, the residents of San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley harness a history of community advocacy and a Groundworks Office plan to connect residents to city life.
By Ninon Scotto di Uccio

54 Goods
Screen savers
Partitions that create privacy and more.
By Emily Cox


62 Twin pandemics
Seven black landscape architects and designers discuss the spatial factors surrounding a deadly virus and murderous police for besieged blacks in the United States.
With Diane Jones Allen, FASLA; Mr. Austin Allen III, ASLA; Charles Cross; June stock exchange; Elizabeth Kennedy, ASLA; Jescelle R. Major, ASLA; and Douglas Williams, ASLA

82 A second subtropical take
To reflect a shift in mission, New York’s Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice is reopening its famous interior landscape, originally designed by Dan Kiley, with Raymond Jungles’ lower latitude palette, FASLA.
By Jane Margolies


102 Find Burma
A landscape architect on a motorcycle sets out in search of lush rainforests and mystery in a harsh postcolonial landscape. He definitely understood the mystery.
By Ash Hoden, ASLA

114 pounds
Between Farm and Table
A review of Mobile markets: the wholesale of food products in the city of the twentieth century by Hélène Tangires.
By Terry Clements, FASLA

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148 History
Designs for the apartment
New guide helps designers navigate the physics of the new coronavirus.
By Haniya Rae


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