Alabastro chevron flooring as part of the interior palette of a remodeled California home


When a design-conscious couple returned from New York to Los Angeles, they decided to remodel their home to meet their vision for a modern, warm and streamlined space.

The complete gut remodel was designed by Colega Architects based on the brief of clients looking for a home where they could keep doors and windows open all year round. Without adding a square foot, the existing home was transformed into a modern home with custom features.

Located in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Crestridge Residence features a compressed lobby leading to the redesigned Great Room. The existing roof was completely removed to create a vaulted ceiling. The interior layout has been revamped with the large central room as the hub and two private sleeping wings located on either side of the house.

Throughout the day, the spaces of the house are constantly changing with natural light. Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern influences, the interior is designed with a variety of textures, colors and natural light. Custom walnut cabinetry and wainscoting form the backdrop for the couple’s artwork, while keepsakes and memento-filled trinkets are displayed on built-in shelves throughout the home.

Havwoods Alabastro chevron flooring, geometric tiles and textured accents on the couple’s furnishings complement the fabric of the interior.

The great room features a five-panel sliding door system that disappears into the adjacent wall. When open, expanses of interior space blend seamlessly with the exterior. The once dark and restrained interior is now a space to enjoy the view and congregate, inside and out.

The architects have transformed the Crestridge Residence into a warm, modern sanctuary for the family as they transition and familiarize themselves with the Southern California lifestyle.

Photography: Manolo Langis


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