Adaptive Reuse Hub Wins Melbourne Design Week Award


The Zero Footprint Repurposing Hub by Revival Projects has been announced as the winner of the 2022 Melbourne Design Week Award.

Featured as part of MDW, Zero Footprint Repurposing offers increased accessibility to sustainable building alternatives. The hub facilitates the storage and reuse of demolished materials, which would otherwise become a landfill.

Revival Projects has recovered hundreds of tonnes of construction and demolition waste in Melbourne since its inception in 2016. The waste has been reused for furniture, interiors and architectural projects, including a number of RM Williams stores and the Industry Beans flagship product Fitzroy.

Located next to a Hip V Hype development in South Melbourne in 2020, the hub has been able to reclaim 2,000 linear meters of timber beams which have been used for a number of local projects including a whiskey bar, studio pottery, a burger bar and sustainable furniture design workshops for women. The remaining wood will be used in the feature elements of an 8-storey Perri Projects development, designed by Tandem Studio, which is currently under construction at the South Melbourne hub site.

“Our mission here is to revolutionize the way our industry approaches existing materials; we are shaking up centuries of traditions based on the reckless consumption of natural resources. We are extremely excited about the galvanic and inclusive energy of Melbourne Design Week, we have the dream combination of the right place, the right time and the right people to channel this incredible energy to affect immediate change,” said Revival Projects founder Robbie Neville.

The hub was installed for the second time in 2022, this time located in Collingwood in a century-old warehouse which will be demolished in 2024. Revival has partnered with Grimshaw Architects to reuse existing materials from the warehouse in the new development which will be be located on site.

NGV Director Tony Ellwood AM says Revival’s hub is rightly celebrated at Melbourne Design Week.

“Zero Footprint Repurposing is an ambitious, massive project of global significance. Offering a unique platform for the design and construction industry to have a lasting impact, the project is a true catalyst for positive change. Revival Projects draws attention to an important issue, demonstrating that the value of a design lies not only in its function or aesthetics, but also in its environmental impact.

The hub opens to the public on March 25 as part of Melbourne Design Week, visitors can experience how designers, builders and clients can work together to revolutionize the industry’s approach to repurposing and building sustainable, and see a range of materials that have been stocked on site by companies such as fjmtstudio, Beulah, Edition Office, Hip V. Hype, Kerstin Thompson Architects, Assemble Communities and Grimshaw Architects.

A panel discussing the work and impact of Revival Projects will take place at 5pm on March 25 at 111 Islington St, Collingwood, with Neville to chat with professionals from Grimshaw, Hip V. Hype and Assemble Communities from the hub.

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