A farm in Ahmedabad brings a modern touch to “Pol” architecture


Ahmedabad farm: architecture adapted to the climate

The three bedrooms, an interactive space, a meditation room, the kitchen and the dining room are connected to the central courtyard, similar to the vernacular pol architecture. This allows the breeze to pass through the house and dampens the heat, allowing interiors to retain an airy coolness even in the summer in Ahmedabad. In addition, all the bathrooms open onto green courtyards, to refresh and refresh the rooms.

The heart of the house is this courtyard (filled with fragrant flowering plants) which connects all the spaces of the house

To reduce the carbon footprint, the construction materials have been chosen intelligently. The walls are locally made bricks coated with textured lime, a traditional principle that lowers the temperature. The ceiling has insulated ISMB sections, while the roof has corrugated sheets with solar panels.
A percolation well for collecting rainwater was built and the surrounding gardens were also designed with the climate in mind.

The spectacular entrance has floating steps that extend to a body of water and a masonry wall made of black Porbandar stone. The box that juts out here is the meditation room.

The plants chosen are native to the region and can flourish in all seasons. Larger trees have been strategically planted all around the site, making the outdoors pleasant and comfortable for a variety of activities throughout the year.

Ahmedabad House: tailor-made interiors

The interiors feature elements salvaged from an old house belonging to the client and from pol Houses. They have been redesigned to form furniture, lighting and decorative pieces, with the design team carefully maintaining the patterns and patina of the pieces. Some pieces have received a coat of varnish or have been renovated with unique veneers.

Belonging to the eldest son, the ceiling in this bedroom was made from reclaimed old deck wood. The highlight of this piece is the back of the bed which is made from old balusters and doors.

In the master bedroom, the design of the headboard uses layers of stone framed in wood

The living room communicates with the courtyard on one side and the terrace on the other. The sofas and chairs were custom made by Squelette Design; the central table is an old chest that has been repainted.

This beautiful wall panel has been painted in antique varnish to match the center table in the living room. The green pillar was found in a Pol house, and used here as a decorative element.


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