6 Personal Loans for Landscaping Projects


Loans for landscaping will allow you to begin your landscaping project in a hurry. Compare lenders as well as different financing alternatives.

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A visually appealing outdoor space can provide your home with an extra appeal and give your backyard the feel of an escape. The cost for landscaping projects can vary depending on the size of the project, the more you must budget for. 

Many are left without completed work following the Nicholasville landscaping firm declares bankruptcy

A Nicholasville landscaping firm is filing for bankruptcy and many have incomplete projects as a result.

Nature’s Expressions has locked its doors following the filing of last week. The closing was a surprise for the majority of customers. According to the Better Business Bureau says it had received numerous complaints over the last week. “We are just as surprised as anyone that this has occurred,” Heather Clary of the Better Business Bureau said.

The business had been in good standing with BBB prior to this, because there was only one complaint, which was later settled. Nature’s Expressions filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is a liquidation instead of restructuring. Customers stand a slim chance of getting the work completed, you can try Bankruptcy HQ on receiving their refund due to the effect from the process of filing.

Although the bankruptcy was not expected and unexpected, the BBB recommends that consumers investigate before handing over money to contractors. “If you do sign a contract with a business or are doing any major contracting job, it’s typical for the consumer to put a down payment on a job and pay the rest upon completion or maybe some pre-arranged spots throughout the job,” Clary explained. “That’s usually the best way to stick with it. If something like this happens, the job may not be finished, but at least you won’t be out all of your money.”

If you are looking to fund your landscaping project, landscaping loans can be one possibility. These are personal loans that offer quick funding, so you can begin your project in a short time.

These are the lenders that provide personal loans to landscaping. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of landscaping loans , and evaluate them against other financing alternatives.

What is the cost of a landscaping loan?

Plants, such as the shrubs and flowers, can cost between $1,325 and $5,660. Similarly, an entirely new patio or path could cost anywhere from $1,922 to $5.467 according to the website for home improvement HomeAdvisor.

To figure out the price that a landscape loan will cost you you must be aware of how much you’re planning to take out as well as the annual percentage rate as well as its repayment time frame.

The APR for landscaping loans is between 6 and 36% and repayment terms are between two and seven years. The rate you pay and loan amount are based on details such as the details of your credit and earnings. The best rates are usually offered to borrowers who have high credit scores, a strong income, and no debt.

A $5,000 landscaping loan at APR of 6% that is paid over two years will cost $5,318. The same loan at an APR of 36% would cost $7,086.

Once you have figured out your loan amount, calculate your monthly installments to determine if you think a personal loan is an affordable alternative.

Pros and pros of landscaping loans


Quick funding. Some lenders will pay a loan as fast as on the business day after you apply. It is not uncommon to wait for more than a week for money.

Fixed payment schedules. Personal loans are backed by fixed rates of interest and are paid in fixed, predictable monthly installments. You are aware of exactly how much you owe each month , and when the loan is due to be paid.

You can easily compare offers. A lot of lenders allow you to pre-qualify for a personal loan to see your prospective rate, the term, as well as loan amount before you formally apply. Pre-qualifying won’t affect any changes to your credit score.


The rates are very high. Personal loan APRs tend to be more expensive than other financing options such as home equity loans and credit lines credit.

No tax benefits. The interest of personal loan payments isn’t tax-deductible. If you are using home equity to finance home improvements it is possible to take the interest deduction.

Standards for high borrower approval. The majority of lenders favor those with good credit and a high income. Although some lenders will accept bad credit, rates can be very high.

How do you get a loan to finance your landscaping project

Here are four steps for receiving a landscaping loan at the highest rates and features to suit your landscaping project.

Examine your credit. Go through your credit report to find any errors prior to submitting an application. You can get a free copy of your report at annualcreditreport.com. Make sure to address any issues, including in delinquent accounts, prior to when an institution reviews your credit.

Compare lenders. Determine which features in your loan are essential for you, such as speedy financing, a mobile application to track your loan, autopay discount, or low rates. Next, locate the one that offers these features. Make sure you are prequalified with multiple lenders so that you can ensure you get the most favorable rates and terms.

Gather all the documents. A majority of lenders require income verification, some type or identification as well as proof of address. Take your pay stubs, W-2s utility bills, the lease along with the Social Security number before you apply in order to speed up the process.

Apply. A majority of lenders say that the application process takes only less than a minute to fill out but a local branch of a bank or credit union might require customers to go to a branch to make an application. Most lenders claim they will fund the loan approved within a week after submitting the application.

Loan options for Landscaping


Before you decide to apply for financing, you should consider the possibility of saving and funding the project in cash. This is the least expensive (and consequently the most affordable) method of paying for landscaping improvements.

Credit cards

High rates of interest on many credit cards can make them costly alternatives for financing high-priced upgrades. However, for less expensive DIY projects that require a bit of buying, the cash that you carry around in your pocket could work. A credit card for home improvement will help you save the cost of interest and earn rewards.

Credit cards that offer bonuses are typically reserved for those with excellent or outstanding credit scores. The process of paying off your balance each month will help you build credit. However, if you make purchases that bring you within the limit of your card then your credit utilization will increase as well as your credit score could fall.

Below are 3 credit cards that are suitable for DIY and smaller outdoor projects:

Choose a card with 0% APR to ensure that you’ll be able to pay off your balance in the promotional period, typically between 15 and 18 months. If you don’t have the funds to pay off the balance of the card by the time the introductory period ends then you’ll be charged the card’s normal APR.

Rewards cards can earn you cash back as well as other benefits in the event you purchase certain kinds of purchases. Certain cards offer rewards designed for home improvements. Be sure to not carry balances, as the interest you’ll pay could be offset by the reward.

Store credit cards are a great way to reward yourself for purchasing most of your landscaping materials from one place. The lower credit requirements allow them to be more accessible to fair-credit consumers. There is a possibility of being limited to only using credit cards from stores. credit cards in the stores which issue them.

HELOC, also known as a home equity loan

Lines of credit offer lower interest rates and longer repayment times than personal loans. They will require you to put up the equity in your house as collateral.

Here are a few points to be aware of when making use of your equity from your home to fund your upcoming project.

Collateral: With both choices using your house as collateral for borrowing out of your capital. This helps keep rates low, however it also means that a lender could get your home if you do not pay.

Benefits from taxation: You may reduce the amount of interest you pay for an HELOC as well as a home equity loan when you are using them to fund the cost of a home renovation. The tax benefits are identical for both types of loans but they’re not offered to personal credit or credit cards.

Cost: The longer duration of HELOCs as well as home equity loans — usually 10-plus yearsThey also maintain costs lower than those of personal loans. If the renovation you are planning isn’t that big or not significant, it might make sense to avoid the expenses and hassle of appraisal or underwriting.

Compare the benefits of home equity loan and HELOCs to determine which one is the best option for your landscaping plan.


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