2021 Urban Design and Architecture Award Winners


Project description
This redevelopment transforms a tired pair of mixed-use buildings into a catalyst new building contributing to the revival of the trendy Barton Village neighborhood. The upper floors contain eight completely rebuilt rental apartments (of the original six), with exposed wooden joists and roof terraces in the upper units. The emergency stairs were replaced by separate stairs, the building envelope was renewed and all new services were provided everywhere, all with a modest budget. Residential windows are lined with projecting sun shades decorated with random colors and dice patterns; together with the new showcase, they create a dynamic landmark.

Home to the famed Gallery 435 Arts Center (and speakeasy) from 1983 to 2018, this famed Hammer arts landmark was run by artist and visionary Ellis Bateson. The ground floor is now home to the trendy Mosaic Bar (and its alley patio) and the unique hybrid of Dawson’s Hot Sauce shop and Bike Locke.

Jury comments
This project represents a good example of urban renewal of an existing and worn architectural heritage.

The modest front elevation creates compelling building elements that will add to an attractive new public realm as the rest of the block is renovated.

The redesigned ground floor, particularly the large glass openings, glazed tiles and new building lighting spilling over the sidewalk, is properly sized to engage the pedestrian realm. The jury also praises the attention given by the design to the treatment of the angles where the pavement widens into a safe amenity zone, exploiting the opportunity of the site.

Address: 435 Barton Street East, Hamilton

group project

  • TCA / Thier + Curran Architects Inc.
  • BCHQ Barton Holding Inc
  • Ailmar Engineering
  • CoPa Engineering
  • Powerful Engineering

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